LIFESTYLE: Musical Bingo With Costa Bingo At Concrete Shoreditch

Last Thursday I was invited to spend the night at Concrete with the guys from CostaBingo for a game of musical bingo. I had a crazy day which included 3 interviews across London so it was a nice way to end a busy day and finally relax after spending the day running around.

Musical bingo at concrete is a little different from normal bingo at gala - the game is like normal bingo but instead of numbers, your looking for songs oh and the its encouraged to be loud and crazy unlike normal bingo - I once was thrown out of our local gala because my friends were being too loud and crazy haha.
 Costa bingo were great and supplied us with pizza and endless bottles of procecco which we all had alot of fun with, by the end of the night we were all up dancing on the tables and covered in lipstick (that was just me, somebody was a little too excited about the new lipstick that she had picked up at the Illamasqua event the night before!! *cough cough* Jayne) and although I didn't recognise any of the songs, I still had a great night and met some lovely girls!

This is my second time at Musical Bingo with Concrete, Have You Been Before?

Being such a fan of bingo, I think its time I tried some online!
You can find the right bingo site for you at Glitzy Bingo


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