LIFESTYLE: Making Chocolates With Somthing Sweet

Have you heard of Something Sweet Magazine? I love cooking but my skills only stretch as far as cupcake, so I was thinking about buying it to give me some ideas - And the TV adverts make it look so fun! Apparently my younger also brother asked my mum to buy it for him as well seeing as he is resident chef at our house hahah,

So what a lovely surprise when they got in touch and asked if I wanted to try making one of their recipes for myself. This lovely box of pretty pink goodies arrived the next morning!

Yesterday, my mum took me out for Chinese and a strawberry tart, its out new thing since we've moved haha so after coming home from that, I got started on my chocolate, sweet tooth much?

Each issue comes with a few free gifts. This one included a heart shaped chocolate mold, the gold foils for wrapping the chocolates and a box to put them in! So i went right ahead and started with the first recipe.

Its a pretty easy things to do and a super a fun way to spend the rest of the afternoon. I started by breaking up and melting the chocolate over a pan of hot water, the magazine said I needed a chocolate thermometer to temper it properly but I didn't have one of them so I guessed. I think I guessed pretty well because the chocolate came out alot shinier than I was expecting! I did three separate sets, melting dark, milk and white and then spooning it into the moulds, then had fun flicking all the different colours around. After that it was just a matter of smoothing it all over with my new palette knife and sticking them in the fridge until they hardened!

 Whilst I was waiting, I read though the rest of the magazine, it has been designed in pretty pastel colours and was very informative. It contained around 4 or 5 recipes which each had easy step by step instructions, a clear list of what you need and lots of little tips and tricks. There were a few different sections, one called secret essentials which, this week, told me about different chocolate and sweets thermometers (LOL) and a master class section at the back all about the different types of chocolate and how to cook with them.

After twenty minutes, I popped the chocolate out of the mould which was a little harder that expected but I still enjoyed spending 15 minutes hitting the back of it with a spoon haha when they were out I followed the guide and wrapped them up as smoothly as possibly with the little gold foils. I really enjoyed this bit, it was quite therapeutic, like giving all the chocolate a little massive and straightening their creases and I was so happy with the end result.

Tried and tested by my dad and my brother - verdict - they're yummy! 


  1. WOW. On a sidenote, how do you get in touch with these awesome people? My inbox is constantly on empty right now! x

  2. These look amazing and like so much fun to make! Well done on your wrapping skills too, I know I wouldn't be able to make them so tidy!!


  3. Hi Georgina,

    What a great post! your chocolates turned out beautifully, and it looks like you had lots of fun making them!
    Nicola xx

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