FASHION: Blink 182 Band Tee

When I was younger, I was totally one of those scene kids, you know the lightning strike print skinny jeans, the huge trainers, the over straightened, spiky on top, changing colour every week hair and the big criminal damage hoodies, until we moved house in November my whole bedroom wall was covered in Kerrang magazines, mostly pictures of the Blink 182 boys. I was obsessed at one point, I bought all of their books, ordered magazine cuttings from eBay, bought all the CDs (not that I had a CD player haha) and listened to them all day and all night. I'd still say I count them as my favourite band ever. I used to get so upset that I would never see them perform live together but a couple of years ago they reunited and my amazing boyfriend got us tickets to see them at the 02. They were all grown up, but I still loved the music

I may have grown out of the style but I'm still a big fan of rock, all kinds really, screamo, metal, pop rock, emo, punk pop, but Blink 182 will always be my favourite band. So when Blue Banana, an online shop that I was very familiar with back then, offered to let me pick something from their website, I thought it was definitely time for a new band tee. This is so me. I've always wanted this simple one with the huge logo but couldn't find it anywhere, Andrew was shocked that I had managed to finally get hold of one. I totally had to include my trying to be scene but totally forgotten how to photos at the end haha

Tee* - Blue Banana
Jeans - Primark

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