LIFESTYLE: Valentines Gift Ideas

OK, so it's looking like this is going to be one of my last valentines day posts, I'm running out of time, I'm so excited for my weekend with Andrew, so after this, a post on that will be the end of valentines day for this year!  

I've been on the hunt for some great valentines day gifts that aren't chocolates or flowers, and that doesn't mean instead of chocolates and flowers, that means as well as haha. I do love a nice bunch of flowers but they're gone within a week so here are some other lovely gifts that I've found!

I always love fruity smells and this one is another amazing one. its not too overpowering, its actually quite delicate and sweet, but you can definitely tell its raspberry! Scrubs are great for getting rid of all the dead skin cells and leave you feeling fresh and smooth. Massage oils are a lovely treat to use with your partner.
I love to have a candle burning but really don't do it often enough, I'm always scared to do it alone so I'll be taking this one to Andrews house and burning it there with him hopefully tomorrow evening! It already smells good, its warm and relaxing and I'm told it's meant to contain mandarin and orange blossom. Its a huge200g candle and is said to burn for up to 45 hours which is great for the price, that works out to about 40p an hour I think.

 Kiss Denman Brush* - £7.31
I always love new versions of things that I use every day and a hairbrush is no exception, especially when its a super cute! This valentines day themed brush features a sparkly pink exterior covered with silver lips and pink bristles. The website says "Using this brush will leave you feeling beautiful enough to kiss every day." Awww
This actually was a cute little surprise gift for me as I wasn't expecting it!
 I stay at Andrews most weekends so I'm always looking for a little make up and toiletry bag. I may have my very own tooth brush which I leave at his house but I cant be leaving my eyeliner and my contact lenses and things like that at his so this is great for keeping everything together. Its going to get a lot of use from me, that's for sure! I love the Superdry style and the fact that it is a little transparent so I can see everything that's inside. It also comes with all the little bits you'd need on a day to day basis - a Punk Pink Nail Paint, Thunderbolt Black Eye Pencil, Shocking Pink Lip Glaze and Mudflat/Cream Eye Shadow Duo and a Nail File. I think this would make a perfect gift all year round
Love Locket Bath Bomb* - £6.95 
I'm so excited to use this, I don't believe I've held out this long. I have decided that I'm going to use it at once as I dont get the chance to use a bath that often so I might as well go with the whole sha-bang, but if you like to make the most of your money (and have your own bath), as this is quite expensive, it can be cracked in half to give you 3 separate bath bombs, you get the two halves and a smaller little heart inside, how cute?! It was inspired by the heart-shaped locket with a secret photo inside. Make sure you keep and eye out for a review on my blog some time soon!


  1. some really good ideas here! cant go wrong with lush products :)
    & i love the sound of the massage oil. strawberry products always smell so good!xxx

  2. Oh that massage oil sounds like a great idea. I get awful back aches but Chris refuses to give me too many back rubs because his "hands are rough" the oil would be much better than baby lotion or face moisturiser :)


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