REVIEW: The Lush Comforter Bubble Bar

The Comforter is the first ever Lush product I used. Andrew and I went into the shop looking for something nice for the bath and this one just caught my eye. I loved the interesting swirly pattern, we didnt have any idea what it was, all we knew was it wasnt a bath bomb but it looked good and it smelt amazing so we bought one. That was early last year before I knew anything about Lush. We got home and dropped the whole thing into a running bath ahah. It was amazing, the bath was overflowing with amazing fruity bubbles and the water turned bright pink. At the time we thought it was pretty expensive for just one bath (£4.50) but what I came to realise was that for that price, you were meant to break it up and get more like 5 or 6 baths, just as bubbly, out of it. Amazing.

Last week for Andrews birthday, I think I already mentioned that we booked a hotel in Westfield, we picked up a comforter while we were there and had a lovely pink bubble bath. These photos of the bar were taken after its first use and you can see, there is hardly any missing. When I got out I could smell the amazing fruity smell on my skin for ages afterwards and I felt very soft, smooth and lovely. 

This is a firm favourite with me and I would buy it again and again.

Are You A Fan Of The Comforter?


  1. ooooo I've not tried this one but it looks fantastic! I personally love the "a French kiss" bubble bar from lush, if you haven't tried it already, you should deffo go and pick one up! x

  2. this is my favourite bath product from lush for exactly the same reasons! It smells soooo good and is the best when you need a little relaxing pick-me-up!

    Hannah @


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