LIFESTYLE: Crusha Chococlate Milkshake

Isn't it a lovely sunny day! If I didn't know any better I'd have thought it was the middle of summer time, and I wish it was, although I do know and it's freezing outside as usual! This sun is deceiving and my dad wants me to take Molly for a walk. Not going to happen.

So until he got home, I let Molly out to play in the garden with her toys and I made myself a nice glass of chocolate milk. 

I have been on some weird milkshake hype this last month, I have been wanting one more and more often which is quite strange for me as usually I'd go straight for a smoothie, cookie or ice cream! But I've been trying all sorts -  I've been though the thick ice cream milk shake phase and now I'm looking for something new - then I remembered Crusha

Crusha isn't a new product but this is the first time I've ever had it and I don't know why, the Crusha kitty adverts are ones that I will always remember growing up so I'm super excited to have been sent two flavours to try out!

They make a light milky milkshake, like a flavoured milk - This kind is hard to find at a shopping center concession! They are quick and easy to make at home and taste good too! You just mix some of the syrup with cold milk and your ready to go, although you do need to give it a good stir otherwise it all settles at the bottom!

My verdict on the chocolate - Yummy. Now that I have had a chance to try it myself, I can pass it on to the brother to see what they think

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