I know this is the third Valentines day post this week, but im excited OK?

Andrew and I don't really do presents for valentines day unless there is something particular that we want. This year I am hoping he finally gets my another giant cookie from Millies. He has bought me a couple in the past and I have been asking for one since my birthday (that's August) last year! He didn't get it for my birthday and he didn't get it for our anniversary (September) and then he didn't get it for Christmas so I'm hoping he does for valentines day. I know its a bit of a stupid gift but I guess it's become a bit of a running joke about how much I want another giant cookie. Then I got all body conscious and tell him I don't want it because I would eat it all and then I get upset when he hasn't bought it haha he always uses the same excuse - he doesn't want to wait around in Westfield for 40 minutes while the make it. Extra present shopping time, duh!

Anyway this year I was offered a personalise mug from Your Design. Andrew drinks alot of tea so its a cute little gift for him. I can also hint that if I had a cookie, he could have some to dunk in his tea.


  1. Aw that's a really lovely pressie idea!xx


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