FASHION: We Are Hairy People

Monday was my younger brothers 15th birthday so on Sunday we had a family get together. My grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my cousins and Andrew spent the afternoon at ours.

The girls spent the whole time in my bedroom playing around with my stuff and looking though my make up, not that I have alot haha I gave Ellie - she's 5 - a pink glitter lipstick and she didn't put it down for the rest of the day, reapplying it every 5 minutes, it was brand new when I gave it to her and near enough finished when they left!

I was just looking for something comfortable and easy to wear when I found this tee in my wardrobe! Its super cute with hand painted snow flakes all over it. I was given it my the owners at the Access All ASOS Christmas party!

Top* - WAHP
Jeans & Shoes - Primark
Disney Ears - Disney Land Paris


  1. I love how you've cooperated your Minnie ears into your outfit, I love it! x

  2. Disney ears spruce up any outfit! :D this looks so cute :)


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