FASHION: Christmas Party Outfit Shopping At The Liberty, Romford

Monday 30 November 2015

When I went to school, Romford was the place to go. We were lucky enough to finish at 1.15pm on Fridays and we'd all pile on to the 247 bus after school and make our way to the Liberty for chocolate cream frappuccions followed by an afternoon of Primark, La Senza and Claires Accessories, finished off with a 12 box of Millies cookies.
 Since then, The Liberty has been completely updated with lots of new shops and although I have no time to ever go shopping anymore, I do spend many a Sundays wandering around the shops with my grandparents. My nan loves looking in River Island and Topshop at all the sparkles and we spend hours in Lush taking to the girls about our favourite scents of course making sure to stop off for a coffee at least twice during the trip.

So of course when the girls at The Liberty got in touch and asked if I would like to work on something christmassy with them, I was very excited! I made time last sunday to for a speedy trip around the shops before meeting Andrew and his family for lunch! The Liberty sorted me out with a gift card and sent me on my way to look for a Christmas party outfit!
So what did I get? Have a look for yourself.. 
The two piece came to a grand total of £19 from H&M (£6 for the top and £13 for the skirt) and also came in black! I might have also picked up the black top while I was there! The boots are from New Look and have the perfect size chunky heel for me - they were only £25! And what did I spend the remainder on? Well I got a little treat form Molly in the Disney Store, since she now has a tsum tsum collection to rival any disney loving child and lastly, I popped into Lush to pick up a treat to relax with after a long day of shopping!

Have Your Bought This Years Party Outfit?

LIFESTYLE: Dinner at Ping Pong, Soho

Friday 27 November 2015

Juanita and I have started to go to loads of press days together - it's just so easy when we work in the next to each other. Plus she doesnt judge me when I get through a whole sharing bag of chocolate buttons and a some cake after lunch, likewise when she comes back with a multibag of crisps and a packet of three cookies from Sunday so who was the the perfect person to bring along to a dinner review down the road from work last night? You guessed it!

I was invited along to have dinner at Ping Pong and I was super excited because it's a place I have only been to a couple of times because Andrew isnt a huge fan but I acutally love. Ping Pong is a dim sum resturant and the soho branch is obviously very popular! It got super busy as the night went on as as we left every table over its two floors were full and any other space was filled with people drinking at the bar.
Of course we started with the drinks menu and went for a couple of mocktails. You know when the ingredients sound so yummy together that it doesn't really matter if there is alcohol in it or not? Yeah that. Mine was a black sour apple which had fresh apple juice, sour apple sugar, blackcurrant and lemonade and it was delicious. Juanita went for a mango, goji berry and mint concoction which wasn't so much to my taste, I'm not a huge fan of mint.
Ordering at Ping Pong is a bit more fun than usual, you get the menu as a list and you can tick off what you want, so we got a bit over excited with it and against the waitresses recommendations we decided to order a cheeky 10 dishes between us. The idea is to share so we wanted to get a little taste of everything.
A few fried, a few steamed and even a baked one. We had everything from seafood rice (which comes wrapped in lotus leaves) to pork sui buns, chicken dumplings, spring rolls and all the rest. It was very well priced for dinner in Central London and for 10 dishes, two mocktails and two teas, it came to less than £60.

They all came up at different times so it gave us a chance to have a break every now and again plus, as I said the restaurant was more like a bar by the end of the night so it was nice to sit, chat and just take in the atmosphere. 
My favourite dishs of the night was the prawn toast. It was crunchy and stuffed full of juicy prawn topping!
After failing to finish all 10 dishes we gave up! We both wanted dessert, we really did (you know us) but we were just too full so setteled on a flowering tea each to finish.

Head over to to see what yummy Christmas specials are on the menu this season!

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FASHION: Michael Kors Via FarFetch Wishlist

Wednesday 25 November 2015

I have spotted people tweeting about Farfetch all down my timeline so I finally decided to click onto it to see what all the fuss was about, and now I am addicted too! They stock over 300 fashion brands and they have so many lovely bits! Of course, I thought this was the perfect time for a wishlist! Am I right?! It turned out most of the things that I loved were all Michael Kors so this is a MK via Farfetch wishlist!

I am a little bit crazy over Micharl Kors bags, expecially when they are so cute and mini! I already have a black and gold Selma mini but I just love the shape and colour of these ones.

The Mini Jet Set Bags are too cute. I love the pink and the beige and the black (1) but I already have a black mini MK bag so maybe best not the put that on the wishlist. I do however also love this medium sized one  ALOT (2) I think it's my favourite of the whole wishlist! This last shape is also super cute. (3)

As for purses, I am loving this classis Continental style in black (4)and gold (5).

Whats On Your Wishlist?

FASHION: Boohoo Beaded Shift Dress #WeAreFamily

Monday 23 November 2015

Anyone else notice it get majorly cold over night last week?! Winter is here, I've just spotted a Christmas jumper in the office and although I hate the cold, it does also mean that christmas is coming! I am definitely banging out the christmas jumper next week!

This year is the first year that I have had a job around Christmas time and you know what that means? My first ever work christmas party! I honestly have no idea how dressed up people get for these types of things so I am hoping to do a little series of potential outfits on my blog here in the lead up to the day!

Starting off with this black shift dress from Boohoo. Its part of their boutique range so its a little more expensive than usual but still nothing really for a party dress at £30. Its super embellished with beads and sequins and it is a really easy shape to wear, I do love a shift dress. This would be perfect through Christmas and NYE becuase its loose so I can eat and drink as much as I want and not worry about how tight its getting!

For the wintery season I have paired it up with a pair of pointed ankle boots with a chunky heel from JustFab! I fell in love with them after I saw Laura wearing them over on her blog! And I am also pleased to say that it is finally time for me to bring out my favourite leather jacket from Superdry, its pretty heavy and I usually get really hot but with it being so cold, now is the perfect time to wear it.

LIFESTYLE: A beginner's guide to contact lenses

Sunday 22 November 2015

Contact lenses are a popular way of correcting vision problems, but just how much do you know about these seemingly invisible pieces of eyewear? This brief guide takes you through the basics.
The benefits

Here are some of the many reasons you may want to swap your spectacles for contacts:
  • Vision correction - they are a safe, comfortable and effective way to correct your eyesight
  • Style - unlike glasses, contact lenses don’t interfere with your look
  • Convenience - they’re easy to use and can be worn in many different environments
  • Sports and leisure - fancy a game of tennis or a spot of mountaineering? They won’t get in your way
  • Suitability - they are suitable for people of all ages
  • Flexibility - you don’t have to give up your glasses altogether - you can always keep them for going out or special occasions
Getting a prescription

According to contact lens specialist Feel Good Contacts, you cannot get contacts using a glasses prescription. Rather you will need to have an eye test and contact lens consultation with a qualified optician who will talk you through your options and how to use and care for your contacts.
The options

There are contacts available to suit most eye conditions and lifestyles. Here are some of the most popular options.
Daily disposables
  • Designed to be worn for one day only
  • Used to correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness
  • Great because you don’t need to use solutions and you get a fresh, unclouded lens every day
  • Ideal for part-time contact wearers
  • Designed to be worn on either a monthly or two-weekly basis
  • Used to correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness
  • Great because you don’t have to replace your lenses every day. You can wear the same pair of lenses over an extended period of time and you can even sleep in some
  • Ideal for contact lens wearers looking for value for money
You can also get multifocal, bifocal and astigmatic contacts. Multifocals and bifocals are designed to treat people with presbyopia - a condition that makes it hard to adjust focus from far to near objects. Astigmatic lenses treat astigmatism - a condition in which the cornea or lens of the eye isn’t perfectly curved, resulting in blurred vision.

If you want to change your look, you can also get coloured or fashion lenses.
How to use them

For your eye health and comfort, it’s important to read the instructions that come with your contacts carefully.

Putting them in

  • Remove the lens from the packaging with clean, dry hands
  • Check the lens - it should be a semicircular in shape and free from tears
  • Rinse the lens with solution to clean it
  • Place it on the tip of your index finger
  • Hold your upper eyelid lashes against your brow with the your other index finger
  • Hold down your lower lid with your thumb of the same hand
  • Look up and carefully place the lens over the lower part of your eye
  • Allow your eyes to close gently and blink several times to position the lens
  • Repeat procedure with other eye
Taking them out

  • With clean, dry hands, hold down your lower eyelid while looking up
  • With your index finger, touch the lower edge of the lens
  • Carefully move the lens down to the white of your eye
  • Gently grasp the lens between your index finger and thumb and remove it
  • Repeat procedure with other eye

If you think these easy-to-use glasses alternatives may be for you, why not book yourself a consultation? And if you have any opinions, tips or tricks on contacts, why not leave a comment below?

FRAGRANCE: Daisy Dream Forever

Friday 20 November 2015

Aren't perfumes just the perfect Christmas gift?! I am seriously starting to get excited about the festive season now and am working away on my gift guides for you guys! But in the mean time, check out this new Marc Jacobs perfume - the perfect gift!! 

I have always been drawn to the Marc Jacobs perfumes from their bottles. They are always so pretty and girly, covered with flowers but this one here, Daisy Dream Forever is the first one I have owned and it looks perfect in my collection. It was released ealier this year in July and I love that it's a blue one, not so girly as the others but still very pretty and feminine! Adorned with frosted flowers and the chrome lid which adds a bit of sophistication.

I have read in many places that it is a deeper, more updated version of the original daisy dreams although I have not smelt that one. This new one takes inspiration from blue skies and daisies. It make me think of carefree afternoons under the sun in a field and I love that! I love the fruity notes of the scent plus its quite subtle and not overpowering! I think it's going to be a favourite!

Top Notes: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Pear
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Lychee, Blue Wisteria
Base Notes: White Woods, Musks, Coconut Water

Have You Tried It Yet?

£59 for 50ml

LIFESTYLE: What every first time buyer should know about getting on the property ladder

Getting onto the property ladder can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. If you’re about to take the plunge and purchase your first home, it’s important that you know what you’re doing. After all, investing in a property is a huge financial commitment, so you won’t want to make any mistakes. To help you understand the process that little bit better, here are a few things that all first time buyers should know.
You should set a realistic spending limit
Especially for your dream property, it can be tempting to stretch your budget to the very limit. However, it’s important to be realistic when you’re setting your spending limit. Bear in mind it’s not just the cost of the home itself that you’ll need to consider. You also have to factor in expenses including survey fees, stamp duty, mortgage fees, legal costs, removal expenses and more. Also, once you’re in your new home, you’ll have more than your monthly mortgage bills to pay. You’ll have insurance costs, utility bills, council tax and a range of other expenses to contend with too. In addition, you might need to set aside some money for improvements and ongoing maintenance.
The conveyancing process can be complex
The legal process that transfers the ownership of a home from seller to buyer is known as conveyancing and it can be highly complex. It is possible to do this yourself, but unless you’re an expert in this field, it’s advisable to get a specialist to do the work on your behalf. After all, if anything goes wrong, you could end up facing a plethora of legal problems. Most solicitors offer conveyancing services. However, when you’re looking for a firm, it’s important to make sure you find one that has expertise in dealing with property law. You should be able to tell this by taking a look at their websites. For example, The Law House has a section on its site dedicated to residential property law. Choosing a suitable firm will help ensure the process runs smoothly, and it could keep your stress levels in check.
It may take up to 11 weeks to complete the buying process
Once you’ve found the property you want to buy and had your offer accepted, you’ll no doubt want to get the keys and move in as soon as possible. However, a little patience is required at this point. It can take up to seven weeks to exchange contracts and, after this, you may have to wait a further four weeks to complete. Meanwhile, if there are any problems, your move-in date may be delayed even further. This is something to bear in mind if you need to give notice on a rental property.

These are just a few of the issues to bear in mind when you’re buying your first home. To help you avoid the pitfalls associated with purchasing a property, it’s important to do plenty of research before you put in an offer.

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