LIFESTYLE: Dinner at Ping Pong, Soho

Juanita and I have started to go to loads of press days together - it's just so easy when we work in the next to each other. Plus she doesnt judge me when I get through a whole sharing bag of chocolate buttons and a some cake after lunch, likewise when she comes back with a multibag of crisps and a packet of three cookies from Sunday so who was the the perfect person to bring along to a dinner review down the road from work last night? You guessed it!

I was invited along to have dinner at Ping Pong and I was super excited because it's a place I have only been to a couple of times because Andrew isnt a huge fan but I acutally love. Ping Pong is a dim sum resturant and the soho branch is obviously very popular! It got super busy as the night went on as as we left every table over its two floors were full and any other space was filled with people drinking at the bar.
Of course we started with the drinks menu and went for a couple of mocktails. You know when the ingredients sound so yummy together that it doesn't really matter if there is alcohol in it or not? Yeah that. Mine was a black sour apple which had fresh apple juice, sour apple sugar, blackcurrant and lemonade and it was delicious. Juanita went for a mango, goji berry and mint concoction which wasn't so much to my taste, I'm not a huge fan of mint.
Ordering at Ping Pong is a bit more fun than usual, you get the menu as a list and you can tick off what you want, so we got a bit over excited with it and against the waitresses recommendations we decided to order a cheeky 10 dishes between us. The idea is to share so we wanted to get a little taste of everything.
A few fried, a few steamed and even a baked one. We had everything from seafood rice (which comes wrapped in lotus leaves) to pork sui buns, chicken dumplings, spring rolls and all the rest. It was very well priced for dinner in Central London and for 10 dishes, two mocktails and two teas, it came to less than £60.

They all came up at different times so it gave us a chance to have a break every now and again plus, as I said the restaurant was more like a bar by the end of the night so it was nice to sit, chat and just take in the atmosphere. 
My favourite dishs of the night was the prawn toast. It was crunchy and stuffed full of juicy prawn topping!
After failing to finish all 10 dishes we gave up! We both wanted dessert, we really did (you know us) but we were just too full so setteled on a flowering tea each to finish.

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