LIFESTYLE: A Weekend in Bordeaux

On Friday, Andrew and I were up at 3am to get ready and make our to Gatwick for a weekend in Bordeaux with his family. His sister lives out there and today is actually his mums birthday so we all flew out there for a few days together to celebrate. 
When we arrived on the Friday we checked into the amazing Burdigala 5* hotel and spent most of the day eating and napping. We did go out for a little walk before coming back and having another nap. We spent the Friday just to two of us as we had a big family day planned for the day after so for the evening we relaxed in the hotel bar drinking champagne and wine (when in france, duh) and eating yet more food.
Boyfriend Selfie
Over The Knee BootsThe next morning we were up bright and early for a trip to a cute little wine making village. We explored the cobbled streets and underground wine caves (cellars), drunk pink champagne in the ruins of a convent, (so SO pretty) bought macaroons and sorbet and went on a tour of the vinyards. It was such a lovely day finished off with a big meal back in Bordeaux. 
France Snails ConventVinyard Frnace
On the last morning, we had a lay in and ordered room service breakfast in bed which was pretty delicious - all the food that we ate at the hotel was really good! After that we got up for a wander around the shops - it was 25 degrees and we didn't want to miss out on the sun! After a quick pit stop for some more sorbet and a traditional super thick hot chocolate it was time to leave for the airport. 
Hotel Breakfast
Mango Sorbet
And here I am today back at work after a whirlwind weekend! It went so quick and we all had a really lovely time. I've never really done a weekend abroad like that but I am already planning the next one!


  1. Awww it looks like you had a lovely time! I LOVE that dress with those boots!! x

  2. What a lovely weekend away- sometimes eating and napping is all you need to do on holiday :)

  3. Great photos - looks like a lovely weekend!


  4. I love your boots in that photo, I wish I could pull over the knee boots off!


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