FASHION: Michael Kors Via FarFetch Wishlist

I have spotted people tweeting about Farfetch all down my timeline so I finally decided to click onto it to see what all the fuss was about, and now I am addicted too! They stock over 300 fashion brands and they have so many lovely bits! Of course, I thought this was the perfect time for a wishlist! Am I right?! It turned out most of the things that I loved were all Michael Kors so this is a MK via Farfetch wishlist!

I am a little bit crazy over Micharl Kors bags, expecially when they are so cute and mini! I already have a black and gold Selma mini but I just love the shape and colour of these ones.

The Mini Jet Set Bags are too cute. I love the pink and the beige and the black (1) but I already have a black mini MK bag so maybe best not the put that on the wishlist. I do however also love this medium sized one  ALOT (2) I think it's my favourite of the whole wishlist! This last shape is also super cute. (3)

As for purses, I am loving this classis Continental style in black (4)and gold (5).

Whats On Your Wishlist?

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  1. OMG I was like mesmerised by that michael kors advert hahahah sorry but yeah I still need a handbag desperately but I need to actually start saving xxx


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