FASHION: The Perfect Off The Shoulder Top

Monday 29 June 2015

I bought this top last Sunday while I was out shopping with my mum and brother. We had gone out to get him a suit for his prom and I wasn't really looking to buy anything but when I spotted this top, I couldn't leave New Look without it.

This sort of style is so popular at the moment and I have been looking for the perfect one but they are all so different so it has been hard. Now that I have found the perfect white one, I want a similar top in black - possibly the same one haha - plus I want both black and white in dress versions too!

Here I have styled it up perfectly for England - it's a summery top but I've paired it with jeans so I wont get too chilly. This sort out outfit would be perfect for drinks outside somewhere pretty or even shopping because these Ruby Shoo heels* are one of the most comfy pairs of heels I own. I am looking forward to styling it a bit more summery though - I have lots of ideas for this top!

It was also a great chance to give my new Ray Bans* from a whirl and I have fallen in love with them. I think they are my favorite pair so far - I just love how bold the wayfarer shape is. 

LIFESTYLE: Cafe Rouge, Loughton

Friday 26 June 2015

Last week I was invited to to review somewhere in Essex, how exciting! Of course since there were no trains involved on her part, my mum wanted to come along on this one! It was nice to be invited back to a restaurant that I have been to many times with her in the past - Cafe Rouge, Loughton.
A lovely place to spend a sunny evening, we sat right at the back where there was an entrance to their garden seating. We started with olives and bread. Neither of us usually eat bread but today we forgot about that and went all out it was just too temping.
For starters we both went for snails, an old favourite of mine and something new for mum, she usually has the pate but was very pleased with her new choice as was I. They were served differently from how I remember and looked more like a pie with a yummy pastry layer over the top of the dish.
I was super sad that they had run out of mussels as I was really looking forward to that for my main so instead I went for the goats cheese and beetroot tart which was light and creamy - perfect for the warm summery evening.
Mum had beef bourguignon which looked delicious although it was a little bit rich for me, she really enjoyed it though!
My mum likes to ask all sorts of annoying questions when we go out to eat, "is this better than that" and "what would you recommend?" but both the GM and our waiter were amazing when it came to answering. They knew exactly what was what and had great advice and recommendations for us on every course.

Which brings us onto dessert. We couldn't decide between the chocolate fondant or lemon tart so I was pretty pleased when I spotted the trio of dessert which had both of them. The third one though was a tart tatin which neither of us fancied so we asked some more questions and our waiter recommended that we tried their chili chocolate and lime sorbet so we went with that and I'm so glad we did because it was my favourite part of the dessert. All three parts were actually delicious but the sorbet was so refreshing and tasty. I would love to try their other flavours.
To finish off I had a fresh mint tea and mum a cappuccino.
Let's just say we left suitably stuffed and very satisfied having enjoyed a lovely dinner.

Have You Been To Cafe Rouge Lately?

*Cafe Rouge kindly covered the meal in return for my review. All opinions are 100% honest.
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BEAUTY: Superdrugs Own Brand Swap

Thursday 25 June 2015

This Summer, Superdrug are encouraging shoppers to take on the Swap Shop money saving challenge. This means trying to get people to replace the expensive branded products that they would usually buy, for cheaper own brand stuff. Apparently, the average Brit could save over £150 year by making the swap on their everyday beauty and toiletries! 

Superdrug asked me what my most used branded Summer essentials were and sent me a selection of own brand alternative to see what I thought. They also told me that by doing this, I would have saved myself £19. I know this is bad but I don't really use products and only buy things when I'm going on holiday so these are my Holiday Essentials!

Simple Make Up Wipes
I dont wear as much make up as the average 21 year old girl so make up wipes arent a huge deal for me. If they take off my eyeliner then they do their job so I would happily do this swap.

Hawaiian Tropic VS - Solait Sun
Suncream is suncream but I love Hawaiian Tropic for its fun packagings and its amazing smell - I look at it as a holiday treat. I'd happily use Solait for England but if im going on holiday, I'd much prefer Hawaiian Tropics and its coconutty smell. 

Bic Razors
Bic are super cheap razors and theyre disposable which makes them great for holidays. I buy them at £1.49 for 10 razors. The cheapest set of razors on the superdrug website (cant find these ones) are £1, in the sale from £1.99, for 3 razors. I actually think my usual are much better value for money.

Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner
Again, this stuff does its job but I much prefer the fun packaging and smells of Herbal Essences which I use all year around.

Original Source Shower Gel
This is one that I acutally would be happy with rather than what I usually use for holiday. It looks fun and it smells great although at home, I would much rather stick to my Lush favorurites!

Batiste Mini Dry Shampoo
Another one that I use all year around although I just really dislike the can here - it reminds me of being at school for some reason. I'm starting to realise that packaging is a really big thing for me!
I also told them I usually buy ear plugs, new nail files and mini deoderants for my holiday but they didnt sent those which brings me to think that Superdrugs own brand dont acutally stock everything that I would need. I may have saved £19 but for me, holidays are about relaxation and luxury and if its means I have to spend that little bit more to enjoy my products then with most things, I would.

How Much Would You Save?

WISHLIST: Summer Holiday

Wednesday 24 June 2015

This week I have been shopping mad. I dont usually buy that much but I have realsied that I really dont have as much summer stuff as I thought, its all crop tops and shorts which I have been wearing for years so its definitely time for an update! 

Topshop Dress
I'm on the hunt for the perfect bardot dress and I really like this one. I want one in black and one in white - I love this style in black with the elacticated waist, although its a little bit more casual than I am looking for in the white so the hunt continues!

 Lulu Guinness Clutch
I am starting to take more of a fancy for designer accesorise recently and I know I'm abit late on this but how cute are these lip clutches?! I want one in every colour.

Karen Walker Sunglasses
I love the shape of these!

Triangle Ollie  -  Triangl Bambi
The two that I want are actally some of their older designs but still my favourite. My last one was bandeau so I would be intersted to see how the traingle ones conpare. They are such great quality and I really fancy getting another one but which one?!
James Perse
Have you ever felt the need to slurdge on a really good quality plain white tee? I feel like I should just get one instead of buying a cheao primark one every few months.

Black Berkinstocks
I have these in white from last summer and they are so comfy - perfect for exploring all the shops and restursnts during the day.

 Whats On Your Summer Wishlist?

LIFESTYLE: Looking After Your Pet With FRONTLINE

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Walking Molly is one of those things in our house - when I'm at home, in bed, I hate being asked to walk her and so does everyone else but when I'm up and ready I quite like taking her out for a walk in the fields. I dont really like living in the middle of no where (Epping Forest) but it is perfect for walking Molly.

When I started working in March, I kinda missed spending the time with her because I was never at home when she needed walking. I still manage to squeeze in a walk every now and then when the sun is still out and I am feeling particularly energetic when I get home from work.
FRONTLINE® Spot On, has launched a new campaign for the summer with Ruth Langsford (from  Loose Women and This Morning) highlighting the close bond between pet owners and animals and how pets and owners can ‘enjoy the good times’. Together they have created a series of videos giving pet owners helpful tips, I found this one particularly interesting.

To watch the series of Ruth’s videos, visit: 

Twitter: @FrontlineSpotOn

LIFESTYLE: Glasses Direct

Monday 22 June 2015

When  I was 11, I had to start wearing glasses. I picked out the most hardly there looking ones with very thin silver frames so that it wasn't something you noticed about me. My mum let me have Armani ones to make it a bit better. 
10 years later and I now have to wear glasses to see everything. I did think about laser eye surgery with Optical Express but I'm not sure I'm ready for that. So I've s tuck with the glasses and until a few months ago I was still wearing super subtle frames (D&G of course haha.) But over the past few years, thick glasses have become a bit of a fashion statement and after Andrew taking the plunge and ordering himself a pair of Ray Bans, I started to like the way thick frames looked. So when the opportunity arose for me to get a prescription pair from Glasses Direct I was excited to see they had a Ray Bans section and I just went for it. It was time to get some thick frames.

It was much easier to order online than I thought. I had an eye test that week so all I had to do was send over my numbers and then the glasses arrived a week later.
 I love being able to switch between thick frames and my normal glasses depending on how I feel. Thick frames are much more of a statement but sometime I love that. Although I try to wear my frameless pair when I'm with Andrew or we can end up looking like twins haha.

Top* - Blue Inc
Shorts - Primark
Shoes* - Master Shoe
Glasses* - Ray Ban Glasses at Glasses Direct

Father Day Gift Guide

Saturday 20 June 2015

Everyone loves getting a box of chocolates so of course every occasion is a great excuse to buy some more. I have two boxes here - the first is Hotel chocolat has been put together especially for fathers day and has lovely blue packaging to match. It includes 14 chocolates from shortbread cookies to salted caramel and loads of other really yummy sounding ones!
This second one is a box of nine truffles from Govida. This brand just have such a super luxury feel about them.
I didn't realise LUSH did mens products but apparently they do. D'fluff may be pink but it is in fact a shaving soap and it smells absolutely delicious but anything containing strawberries, cocoa butter and golden syrup would do! 

I also have the Refresher which is another shower gelly - I only got my first one of these recently, remember? This one has a citrus smell with lemon oil and lemon  myrtle and hopefully is just as fun to play with haha.

 Lastly from Lush, is Cosmetic Lad which is a moisturiser made with aloe vera and lavender honey water making it great for use after shaving!
Talking of shaving, a new razor will always go down well, especially because you know it will get used! How about Braun’s new CoolTec dry shaver. Pretty impressive right? 

"Whilst most shavers allow warmth to build up in the head of the shaver, Braun's CoolTec features innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology which transfers heat away from the shaver head and cools down the skin during the shave. When the shaver is switched on, the temperature of the cooling bar drops by 20°C within 2 minutes minimizing redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving a cool and refreshed trace behind.

Available at Boots, Amazon, Argos, larger supermarkets & other good electrical retailers, RRP £199.99.
Now on to the Alcohol. My dad doesn't drink wine that often although he seems to collect it for dinner parties and stuff like that. Andrews dad on the other hand enjoys a glass of wine every now and then so maybe I'll give them one each! 

I have a bottle of William Hardy Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2014 which has intense fruit flavours of fresh blackberry and mulberry accompanied by rich black pepper and vanilla spice.

The second is Kumala Colombard Chardonnay which is a white wine with crisp and refreshing flavours which burst with tropical fruit notes and a hint of guava.
My parents recently discovered cocktails on their holiday to Tenerife so I thought they would enjoy this fun at home kit. You get a bottle of Malibu and all the different mixers. Also lots of fun for dinner parties and things like that.
This one isnt alcohol as such but its totally related and a great gift idea for men so it can stay in this section. My family love their drinks ice cold and my dad is no exception! We have grown up drinking bottled water from the fridge because its colder so when I spotted this glass online I knew (if it does exactly what it's meant to do) my dad would love it - perfect for BBQ season coming up!
I was also sent this cute 'Pint of Thanks' from Mainline Menswear which I though I might as well include!

"From the obligatory pair of dad socks to ‘dad essentials’ and a designer T shirt, we've filled this Alliance pint glass with all the things that dad would love"

What Have You Bought Your Dad?

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LIFESTYLE: Benidorm with Gala Bingo

Friday 19 June 2015

Last week Georgia and I were invited along for a few nights in Benidorm, courtesy of Gala Bingo.
We were up bright and early on Wednesday morning and off to the airport with a stag do in tow of course. We were on the plane by 7.30am and very excited for some sun!
As soon as we arrived we ran straight up to the room, put on our new bikinis (mine is Red Herring at Debenhams) and spent the afternoon relaxing by the hotel pool in 28 degrees. 
Luckily there were umbrellas everywhere so I could sit in the shade with my selfie stick while Georgia slapped on the oil and sat in the sun. I just cant handle it haha.
Soon enough, it was time to get ready for dinner before heading out to see what Benidorm had to offer. Initially there were a lot of older people and the music matched that but we managed to find one amazing club where all the young people were hiding. Sticky Vicky was the one thing that both of us had heard about before visiting Benidorm, although neither of us knew who she was - that night we found out - if you were lucky enough to see my snapchat (xxgeorgina18), you will now know who sticky vicky is too..
The next day was a little bit dreary so we decided to sleep in all morning and spend the afternoon exploring the shops. This holiday was a great opportunity me to finally use my new go-pro although I still have no idea how to use it but I did get a couple of good photos on it - all good practice for my next trip!
We had a busy night ahead! Georgia and I had been invited along to the Melia Hotel have dinner with some of the stars from Benidorm, the TV show. 
We had some pre dinner cocktails first
 I wore this floaty playsuit from Very and my favourite flats from New Look.
Gala Bingo were actually giving away the same trip that Georgia and I were on two some of their online players - you can read all about it here -  so there were actually 30 of us there plus the stars, a photographer and the lovely PR ladies!
 We made friends at dinner with a pair who turned out to be mother and son and they were hilarious. The four of us jumped in a cab and partied for the next few hours before I lost momentum at 2am - no doubt they stayed out all night. It was loads of fun! 
The sun was out and absolutely boiling for our third day so was spent it on the beach, eating froyo and fruit.
I took my glasses off for that photo so I couldn't see a thing haha. I have the same issue every time I go on holiday - its too hot to wear contact lenses all day but if I don't, then I cant wear sunglasses! I actually came across these SCLO before I left who do designer, superscription sunglasses - problem solved! How pretty are Lanvins Sunglasses.

Then it was time for a nap and to get ready for our last night out in Benidorm. It ended up a little big crazy so I didnt end up taking photos which is annoying. We spent it with a huge stag party who we couldn't understand. They were northerners and using all sorts of words that we had never heard of and we were all pretty drunk haha.

Finally on our last morning after a little rest by the pool in my amazing new Matthew Williamson at Debenhams swimming costume we checked out and wandered back into the old town for some tapas before getting our coach to the airport.
We both had loads of fun so a big thank you to Gala Bingo for taking us along.
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