Father Day Gift Guide

Everyone loves getting a box of chocolates so of course every occasion is a great excuse to buy some more. I have two boxes here - the first is Hotel chocolat has been put together especially for fathers day and has lovely blue packaging to match. It includes 14 chocolates from shortbread cookies to salted caramel and loads of other really yummy sounding ones!
This second one is a box of nine truffles from Govida. This brand just have such a super luxury feel about them.
I didn't realise LUSH did mens products but apparently they do. D'fluff may be pink but it is in fact a shaving soap and it smells absolutely delicious but anything containing strawberries, cocoa butter and golden syrup would do! 

I also have the Refresher which is another shower gelly - I only got my first one of these recently, remember? This one has a citrus smell with lemon oil and lemon  myrtle and hopefully is just as fun to play with haha.

 Lastly from Lush, is Cosmetic Lad which is a moisturiser made with aloe vera and lavender honey water making it great for use after shaving!
Talking of shaving, a new razor will always go down well, especially because you know it will get used! How about Braun’s new CoolTec dry shaver. Pretty impressive right? 

"Whilst most shavers allow warmth to build up in the head of the shaver, Braun's CoolTec features innovative Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology which transfers heat away from the shaver head and cools down the skin during the shave. When the shaver is switched on, the temperature of the cooling bar drops by 20°C within 2 minutes minimizing redness, burning and itching sensations, leaving a cool and refreshed trace behind.

Available at Boots, Amazon, Argos, larger supermarkets & other good electrical retailers, RRP £199.99.
Now on to the Alcohol. My dad doesn't drink wine that often although he seems to collect it for dinner parties and stuff like that. Andrews dad on the other hand enjoys a glass of wine every now and then so maybe I'll give them one each! 

I have a bottle of William Hardy Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2014 which has intense fruit flavours of fresh blackberry and mulberry accompanied by rich black pepper and vanilla spice.

The second is Kumala Colombard Chardonnay which is a white wine with crisp and refreshing flavours which burst with tropical fruit notes and a hint of guava.
My parents recently discovered cocktails on their holiday to Tenerife so I thought they would enjoy this fun at home kit. You get a bottle of Malibu and all the different mixers. Also lots of fun for dinner parties and things like that.
This one isnt alcohol as such but its totally related and a great gift idea for men so it can stay in this section. My family love their drinks ice cold and my dad is no exception! We have grown up drinking bottled water from the fridge because its colder so when I spotted this glass online I knew (if it does exactly what it's meant to do) my dad would love it - perfect for BBQ season coming up!
I was also sent this cute 'Pint of Thanks' from Mainline Menswear which I though I might as well include!

"From the obligatory pair of dad socks to ‘dad essentials’ and a designer T shirt, we've filled this Alliance pint glass with all the things that dad would love"

What Have You Bought Your Dad?

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