EVENTS: The Shake Shack Launch, Public Desire Party, Gu #DesertISland,

The Shake Shack Stratford Launch
I was super excited when a real life invite landed on my doorstep inviting me and a plus one to the launch of the new shake shack at westfield! Andrew and I are known to spend a crazy amount of time at westfield, whether its shopping, eating (usually both), the cinema, the casino, the champagne and sky bars and usually staying the night at the premier inn (ok so we I love Westfield) so having one of our favourite resturants open up there is amazing! And after seeing the lovely store and the very friendly staff, (who were actually amazing considering how crazy the event was - smiling all night, dancing and getting involved and very very efficient) we will definitly be back for more!

I have followed Public Desire and their amazing shoes since they first started so I was super excited to get an invite to their 1st birthday party. I didnt stay too long as I had a whole loads of events (on a work night as well!) We drank super crazy processo and capri sun cocktails with giant fizzy cola bottles in them, ate yummy chinese food out of paper boxes and looked at all the amazing shoes.

PD are for sure the best place to get the next biggest trend. The are so ahead of the game that they are usually the ones starting the trend in the first place.

Gu #DesertIsland
To celebrate the launch of Gú's new single puds (before they were sold as a two pack) they set up a super fun pop up tucked away in Soho called Desert Island and I was invite along for 10 minutes of me time. I didnt really know what to expect.

As I arrived, I was asked what pudding I'd like, I thought I'd try something I wouldnt usually buy while I had to opportunity so I went for the lemon cheesecake, it was also super hot out so I thought that would be the more refreshing choice as apposed to a hot chocolate one haha logical right?

After picking St Lucia as my paradise of choice, I was led down the stairs to a room set up with a table and one chair for me to enjoy my dessert undisturbed. There were fake trees, all the sounds and smells of what I can imagine St Lucia is like plus the giant screen in front of me showing the beach.

I didnt take many photos since I only had 10 minutes and I wanted to make the most of them! It was pretty odd but super fun and I left with a bag full of desserts too! Only in London.


  1. I really want to try out Shake Shack! Plus it's only a 40 minute train from mine :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. That Gu event sounds so cool, I love the odd quirky ones! The pick n mix at public desire looks awesome too! x


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