LIFESTYLE: National Biscuit Day

This post is just a Big Thank You to Mcvities who sent a monster delivery of biscuits to my office on Friday afternoon all in the name of National Biscuit Day! I saw them arrive while I was in a meeting so I spent the rest of it dreaming about what biscuit I was going to eat first haha.
My massive delivery had all the classics like digestives, ginger nuts, jaffa cakes and chocolate digestives - which are my all time favourites -  as well as a few that I hadn't tried yet! I love a BN (not as much as Andrew though, he is obsessed!) but I have never seen a vanilla one before - they were super tasty too but what I was very excited to try most was the Deli Choc biscuits. I recognised them from their advert with the library and the llamas (too cute) but I was yet to try one so of course they were the first packet that I tore open! They are sweet and crumbly biscuits covered in a thick layer of chocolate (they comes in white, dark and milk), thats just what we like, plus I thought the packaging was really fun too. They were a little bit gritty for my liking so they wont be knocking the digestives off of the top spot this time!
I had to wait all weekend to get them home to my SLR for some photographing before I opened the rest I but as soon as I was done.. Lets just say I spent the whole of the Britians Got Talent final with a biscuit in hand, and so did everyone else!!


  1. I didn't even know biscuit day was a thing!! They all look so yummy, and the box would make a lovely picnic basket too (I feel so old thinking that haha!)

    The Clashing Giraffe

  2. Omg this is like a dream, I LOVE biscuits, yum yum.

    Sophie x

  3. Deli Chocs are delish! Of course I had to get them after seeing the ad ^__^

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear


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