LIFESTYLE: Vapiano, Soho

I had never heard of Vapiano before they invited me along for a review last week, although it seems like I was the only one becuase everyone I told said that they loved it there - of course that added to the excitement of reviewing it.
Vapiano is pretty different to any resturant that I've been to, when you arrive, you are given a card which you scan in each time you order anything, then you can pay at the end. Fair enough, that didnt bother me one way or another. I guess it works well for their layout as it is set out a bit like a canteen. You line up at each station - Pizza or pasta - when you get to the front you order what you want, scan your card and they make it right there in front of you.
Vapiano Cooking Pasta
There were some very tempting specials on the board so in the end the two of us ate 3 dishes between us, it was just too hard to decide! We got a  simple pesto pasta which was actually my favourite. Charlotte wanted to try spelt pasta so we went for that with sundried tomatos and feta. And then we went for a special which was something like prawns and white wine sauce. They are asking you questions throughout, whether you want this or that added which was great.
Vapiano Prawn Pasta
Spelt Pasta
Pesto Pasta

We had the same issue with dessert in that we just couldn't decide so we went for three. Strawberry’s with mascarpone which tasted the same way it sounds. Strawberries and cream is always a winner for me. Charlotte came back with a panna cotta which i have never been a fan of but she loved that one best and also a white choc and lemon thing which was really good too.  Vapiano Dessert
I almost forgot to mention the drinks, the was one thing we could decide on and we decided well. Vapiano have their own range of iced teas and as soon as we spotted the elderflower and mint one we both wanted it and it really was delicious
Mint and Elderflower Tea
All in all, it was a great place for us to have a catch up over a very reasonably priced meal. 

Have You Been To Vapiano?


  1. looks like a great meal! yummy! have a great weekend! xo

  2. I too have been too this restaurant the food was very nice , at first I was a bit confused by the way you ordered but soon got the hang of it ♥♥


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