LIFESTYLE: Sumo Fresh, Wanstead

Truth be told, I love sushi! I have it for lunch as a treat every now and again and whenever I can get a chance to drag Andrew to yo sushi, I do! Only problem with that is that the closest one is at westfeild and it can be a bit of a trek. 

Sumo Fresh is ten minutes down the road from his but for some reason we had never been before. Charlotte orders from them all the time so we decided to make the trip to Wanstead one day after work for our latest dinner catch up!

Between us, we got pretty over excited and ordered much more then we needed. They have the fun little conveyer belt as well as taking orders like usual. We went for all sorts from sashimi, salmon of course, hosomaki & Futomaki which we both had a hard time pronouncing but got there in the end haha then I had to order my favorite gyozas and tempura and everything else that took our fancy, we ended up taking up most of the space at bar that we were sitting at with different plates. We ordered fruity mocktails and got stuck in!

Wheres Your Favourite Sushi Restuarnt? 


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  2. Sumo Fresh and Wanstead are two fantastic dining experiences in the heart of east London. While they may be different in their approach, they are both catering to a specific demographic and presenting very different experiences. Must you visit this website and get new steps about spray foam companies. Sumo Fresh caters exclusively to those who dine out frequently, with a flexible but ever-growing menu as opposed to Wanstead, which is focused on breakfast food.


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