BEAUTY: Fuji Green Tea At The Body Shop

I currently have a huge love for The Body Shop - I am starting to see the benefits of using products where as before I though it was all a load of rubbish  - I was wrong, I am not a complete convert who moisturises every single day although I do it a few times a week especially on particularly dry areas of skin and I see a big difference on them.

The latest products to my collection are from thier Fuji Green Tea range which is quite a new collection to the store, it launched on the 7th (of April). I like the body butter as my new mousturiser because the smell is not overpowering but super refreshing and light - plus I love green tea anyway - it has a fresh spa like vibe which makes it super relaxing. Apart from smelling great, green tea helps the skin to Detox and retain moisture as well as replenishing and refreshing leaving you feeling great. All the products in the range contain Green Tea leaves that have been harvested from the Mount Fuji region of Japan - hence their name.

Have You Tried The New Green Tea Range? 

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  1. This sounds perfect for Summer. Nice & refreshing. Notused Body shop products in many years


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