Since I started working in Tottenham Court Road, I often spend my lunch break on sunny days wandering around down into all the back streets of soho. Old crompon street is one I always go back to because it is full off all sorts of weird and wonderful places, especially some super yummy looking japanese resturants. Andrew and I were invited to dinner at Dozo and it was absolutely delicious. 
We arrived early but as we were leaving, it was buzzing with a que winding down the street. I was very excited with the authentic japnese style seating although Andrew wasnt best pleased when I made him sit on the floor style seats with me to add to the expereince. 

The waiters were great when we tried to read out all the dishes with weird names and said them all wrong, they knew exactly what we were talking about and they were fast and efficient, I always appreciated a good waiter. Another thing that I always appreciate, and a saying of my mums: if the toilets are kept clean, then it's pretty likley that the kitchens are too so I was very plesed to find spotless and lovely smelling toilets!

Now for the food and drinks, Andrew started with a japanese beer, one of his new favourite things and on the recommendation of a friend, I went for the lemonade and mint which was so delicious and super refreshing on such a hot day!
To start, we ordered all sorts, from Edamame beans to nibble on, gyozas, Rainbow sushi and a couple of Tori Negima which were delicious chicken thighs with a sticky sauce.
Then for mains, I went for a ramen which is something I watch Andrew eat at wagas every time but have never tried myself. It was full of noodles and came with a bowl of tempura veg and prawns. yum. Andrew also went for something new - the Sabashioyaki & Tori Teriyaki bento box which came in a supr cute tray, I've never seen them before haha. He also ordered the Crabmeat Fried Rice which I ended up fighting him over because it was so delicious and we both wanted to eat it all. 
I love being sent on reviews because it pushes me to try as many new things as I can, thats why when the waited offered us Mochi for dessert, I just said sure without being 100% sure what it was. Andrew isn't as adventurous and I had to try it first to convince him it was nice but in the end we decided that we loved the! Especially the fruity ones becuase they were just so tasty. We love mochi
We both really enjoyed every course and will be sure to be visiting again. With such a great loacation we will be back for dinner on a friday night super soon!

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  1. Mmmm - this food looks so yummy especially the skewers!

    I need to stop looking at food posts when I'm hungry!!

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