BEAUTY: Barry M New Daylight Curing Nail Polish

As you guys know, I am a huge Barry M fan - as well as the constant new releases of colour Barry M are always coming up with new formulas to fix all the nail polish problems of the world. The last range I told you about were super speedy quick dry (new colours coming soon so keep and eye out for that) and they kept to their word, they are not my favourite range of colours (this bright sunset range is much more my thing) but I always go to them now if I am in a rush and need my nails looking fresh.

This new range claims to be daylight curing which is said to give the look and resilience of a set of salon gel nails except without the UV lamp, you wont need a base coat either but you will need the daylight curing topcoat to use the range properly - best part? It can still be removed with regular remover - no annoying soak offs. Barry M have also kept their flat brush from the last launch which is great news.

So far they have got the gel nails look down, they are shiny and they look like a gel mani. As for the resilience, they lasted a whole 5 days - very impressed. I'd say thats the longest polish has lasted on me.

I used The Way You Make Me Teal and I've Been Pinkin and found that, like the last gelly range, they are all different consistencies. The pink was thicker and abit easier to use and the green was a bit runny, plus I found that it pulled back from the tips a little bit so I had to go over it, they both look perfect once applied and dried though! Very pleased that there was perfect coverage with just two coats.

The Barry M Sunset range is available now priced at £4.99 for each polish. You can check out the colour selection here.

You Drive Me Navy, Can’t Get You Out of My Red, Do It Like a Nude, Fuchsia Generation, Peach for the Stars, The Way You Make Me Teal, I’ve Been Pinkin’.


  1. I think this is a great idea I have a UV light now but didn't for ages and think it looks really professional on! I don't get on well with Barry m application and lasting power but won't stop me trying xxxx

  2. That pink shade is super pretty!

    Sophie x


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