LIFESTYLE: #Pawhumour

MORE TH>N got in touch to tell me about their pet insurance plan which as well as helping protect your furry friends, it also helps the RSPCA protect less fortunate animals throughout the country, because for each policy sold, £20 will be donated to the RSPCA for the care of unwanted and neglected animals in England and Wales! What a lovely idea!

They asked for me a pet #PawHumour story but I couldn't think of any so this post was basically just an excuse to post some cute photos of Molly!

Last week, my parents went to Greece and left me in charge of the house and my brothers. Molly had to go on holiday too, to the dog sitters, because there wasn’t going to be anyone at home during the day so I haven’t seen her all week and I've missed her loads. My brothers spend all day and all night in their room and luckily, I've been out every night but it's still been pretty lonely for the hour or two that I've been at home, each night before bed. I have missed her company and I have actually had to put my socks in the washing basket each day rather than letting her play with them!

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