GUEST POST: Fashion By Heather James

This post is written by Heather James - the content manager at

Fashion throws many options towards us. Every season we have to find the new look, the new colour theme, what shape is the new skirt? Will last season’s handbag cut it now we have gone Native American? Fashion moves at a pace that is tricky to keep up with, especially if you are on a budget and do not have a personal stylist! There is a way to avoid the constant change of fashion and that is to find some stylish , yet classic, inspiration. To go for the classic look often makes us timeless and really very stylish,not to mention that our money goes further as we don’t have to pay out for those new fashions every season. Meet the celebrities that channel real, enduring , classic style and take some hot tips from their wardrobe success. Whatever your shape, size, even your shoe requirements, there’s a style that will fit you perfectly. Read on and be inspired…

Helen Mirren

Now there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about Dame Helen that the camera absolutely loves. Whenever she is photographed on the red carpet, her style exudes classic lines with a very modern twist. If you really must bring age into it, then I would insist that you do not. This is because her style does not belong to any particular age group, she has nailed elegance with a touch of attitude. So, go for that wrap dress but add a diamante brooch to emphasise your small waist or pretty neckline.

Scarlett Johansson

This beautiful and successful actress always manages to pull off a stunning look in public. She has a curvaceous figure but cleverly, instead of losing weight till she becomes Hollywood “thin”, Scarlet celebrates her figure. Almost every publicity shot shows off Scarlett’s ample decolletage. Her outfits are designed to show off her major assets and she celebrates her cleavage, rather than hiding it away. Take a tip from Scarlett. Whatever your size, if you have a part of your body that you like, then embrace it. If you have lovely legs than wear shorter skirts. If your back is beautiful, wear tops that have cut outs or dresses with a low back. Use what you have and be proud of it!

George Clooney

Now here is an example of someone who found what works for him and stuck with it. Remember the last time that you saw a photo of Clooney in a t. shirt or a brightly coloured shirt? How about a pair of jeans? This is no accident but a stylist decision that really works. His salt and pepper hair and tanned complexion works so well with crisp white shirts. His wardrobe is a palette of white, grey and black which completely compliments his natural features. George plays it safe with his colour scheme but doesn’t it look good? Find a palette that highlights your hair and complexion and then embrace it.

Dawn French