RECENT EVENTS: Krispy Kreme, Thames Cruise, Disney & Very

Kripsy Kreme #ChocoMania Tasting
This was a pretty exciting event unlike any I've been to before. I was invited back to the Ham Yard Hotel for an intimate tasting of the 4 new chocolate doughnuts in the Chocomania range, each of which, for the night, had its own bespoke cocktail to accompanie it. We had Colin, Head on New Product Development talk us through each flavour and how he came up with the idea and put it into action - it was very interesting. After the sweetest four course meal (all doughnuts) of my life, we were invited to the big table at the back covered in more treats to create our own flavour creation! I went for salted caramel fudge and banana crisps and it was delicious!  
Casino River Cruise
You guys know me - how I love to play bingo and how Andrew and I convince everyone to go to the casino whenever we get the chance - we only just went last week when Andrew was put in charge of sorting a friends birthday haha so when I was invited along to an event which involved a night cruising along the Thames on a casino style boat, I decided that I was going to be going before I event finished reading the invite! Silly me because when I did finally read it properly, a day before the event, I realised that it docks at midnight and I had to get the tube home. The orgainisers tried to convince me that I would be able to catch the last central line train home at 00.13 which was 11 stops away from where the boat docked. There was no way I was risking missing the last train and being stranded in Mile End in a dress and heels so I nearly had to pull out until my dad came to the rescue and offered to pick me up.

I met with the lovely girls at their hotel room and we got ready together before jumping in an uber to the dock! The company was definitely what made it a great night!

Disney TSUM TSUM Launch
I got a super exciting invite from Disney last week, to attend an event for the UK launch of Tsum Tsums. Disney Tsum Tsum (which translates to Stack Stack) started off as a mobile game in Japan. The app was so popular that they followed it up with a collection of super cute soft toys designed to be stacked big and high like the game. 

I was so sad when I couldn't make it (having a job now and all) so they very kindly sent me a box of Tsum Tsum toys - and they are too cute! Molly has claimed the cute little grey one (Thumper) for herself, she sat patiently watching while I photographed and then she chose that one and ran off with it. 

In honour of TSUM TSUM, the first Tuesday of each month will be renamed ‘TSUM TSUM Tuesday’ at Disney Store and will see an additional new character released. The first of these was a TSUM TSUM Alice in Wonderland on April 7th.
On Wednesday after work, I walked down to the Haymarket Hotel for Very's #CANTWAITFORSUMMER pool party. Being based in Tottenham Court Road is great for after work events most of the time and it gives me a great excuse to explore all the side roads and shortcuts.

You may recognise this location from another event I recently went to - its the perfect place to hold a summer themed party because of the pretty pool with a bar area and lots of space for standing around chatting! I got there early but didn't have time to stay for too long (hence only two photos), we were greeted with a flower garland and a cocktail - always a good start, food and drinks were flowing and it was great to catch up with blogger friends. It was a bit of a star studded event full of youtubers and reality stars and I left with one of the best goodie bag treats ever - a go pro!! Now I really Cant Wait For Summer  - I'm looking forward to using it on my adventures!!


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