BEAUTY: Superdrug Exclusives

I missed out on the Superdrug press day this year, so they kindly sent me a box of some of the goodies that were on display at the event! All of these are currently exclusive to Superdrug.

Firstly there from a few products from Lighter Lifes 5:2 dieting range. As I'm sure you know the 5:2 diet involved eating normally for 5 days and then basically fasting and eating as little as possible for 2 days. This range of meals, soups, shakes and bars are here to help ensure that you are getting your RDA of vitamins and minerals on those days that you are fasting on.
I got a couple of products from Bare Foot, which is a brand that I haven't seen before. I seriously don't take enough time out to love my feet but the foot lotion smells amazing so I'm hoping to make some time for a pamper night soon! 
 I have heard alot about Scholls velvet smooth so I was very pleased to have one of those in my surprise gift box from Superdrug to add to my foot care collection. It is an electronic foot file so all you have to do is switch it on and hold it over the are of dry skin for a couple of seconds to buff it all away - makes for a super easy pedicure.
and right at the bottom of the box, I pulled this out - The Millionaire. I was opening my post with my mum that day and neither of us knew what this was, until I turned the box over haha - it's a vibrator. I was unaware that Superdrug sold these sorts of things but there are 4 in this range from Smile Makers. They are each priced at £34.99 and named after a type of man.

Have You Tried Any Of Superdrug's New Products?

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