Sparkling Beauty

Friday 31 August 2012

If you know me, you will know that I have very little to do with makeup and beauty! The only thing that I try to keep on top of is my nails making sure they are done, I think its partly because my mum is a technician and I can do them myself for free.
So this post is quite a change for me, although its not quite a full on beauty bloggers post.

Firstly I wanted to show you these amazing makeup brushes that came in the post today from 
What a fun idea and perfect for you glamourous girls! Ive seen crystalised, phone cases, shoes, bags but never make up brushes! The glitter ones are just as pretty, I thought I was gonna pick it up and be covered in glitter day, kinda dissapointed that I wasn't hahah but I guess thats a good thing that the glitter stays on the brush and not all over my stuff

Im thinking I might put one of them in the giveaway Im planning on doing soon... and keep the others for myself mwahahahaah 

They have a tiny little twitter following so make sure to follow them and show your support!!

Next up I wanted to show you my nails that I did yesterday as always using Nazila Love Glam gel polishes. I did them pink to start and once that was set I put a post it note over half of the nail and painted the black "Starry Night" over the other half, then just set again. I can do it at top speed now taking only 20 mins for a set! (the photo does not do it justice, silly phone camera)

Passion For Fashion

Thursday 30 August 2012

I was recently contacted and told about this amazing competition run by money supermarket here
you have to make a blog post featuring five different outfits for different occasions; party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear, creating the ultimate autumn/winter wardrobe.

so here are my choices!!

Simple without too many acessories and very feminine and flirty! Great girly colours for a date! The wedges were 40% off and the dress was down from £75!! Gotta look cute for a date <3

I LOVE this dress for a party, such a stand out piece and glows under the UV lights and a jersey material means easy to move in!! Places like ETSY do things really cheap which is useful. I think the whole outfit is very punk 

 Its hard to find peplum dresse in a soft comfortable material.. well ive done it! This is also made of a jersey material, great for comfort and stretch. Bright red shoes add a touch of colour and the blazer was a bargain down from £65

Ahh Ebay, my favourite place! These wellies would normally cost around £85 and im sure the glasses would cost alot more in a shop! The socks are an absoulte bargain and great for keeping your legs wear in the wind.

Another Ebay find, these lovley heart glasees. This skirt is totally amazing and I happen to know that if you go down to the lazy oaf shop in london, they are selling it for £5!!!! Converse are the best buy becuase they go with almost everything and are easy to wear. Quirky little necklace adds some more fun!

Hope you love my looks, let me know what you think!!

Bank Holiday

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Im back from wales.. bearly alive and ready to share my weekend with you!

 It was my first time camping and after that im not sure I want to go again.. well at least not in Wales ahah but at least I can say ive done it... and in the pouring rain and hurricane winds at that! Maybe I would again but just with a tent that isnt tesco value. Here it is at the end of our weekend

We travelled 6 hours in a car to Wales for a friends 21st. The first night was 60s themed, This was easy for me as one of my favourite dresses is rainbow coloured so paired with a flower hairband I was the perfect hippie! I also had alot of fun making tie dye tees for Andrew the week before, very sucessful for a first timer and hoping to do it again!

My dress was from Motel Rocks and finally my discount code is fixed so if you want to get 20% off of this dress or anyrhing else on the site just enter georginagoodman1 at the checkout!
And while im on the topic of Motel Rocks I just found out that although I didnt win their festival styling competition, I was one for the three favourite after the winner so im rather happy with that


So, Take a look at the rest of the photos and see my weekend in wales for yourself!

Gingers Unite!! (Im naturally ginger and Andrew has freckels like one!)

and everyone else wanted in on the action

Doodle Heart Illustrations

Friday 24 August 2012

Not sure if any of you have noticed my cute little illustration so I wanted to point it out to all of you!

It was drawn for me by Hannah McIntyer  

Check her out! She is the sweetest person ever and so sooo tallented! 

Mood Swing

Thursday 23 August 2012

I love these super goth chic tights from Pamela Mann,(*) An online hoisery store Id never heard of, but as soon as I arrived on their website I was bombarded with an amazing range of  products. There are soooo many different types of hoisery I had no idea!! I also didnt realise that they were stocked on alot of other hoisery websites.

You can image how happy I was when they offered to send me a pair!

When wearing them I could really feel the great quality that they are, even with the thinner material at the top, i still didnt feel like it was going to rip which is great! I know in the photos I look really sad but I was going for punky/gothy becuse that is what I saw when I first set my eyes on the T cross style of the tights!

As  you can see I have tried it on with two different outfits, this is because I couldnt find anything to wear as all of my clothes have dissapered into the washing never to be seen again. 

I started with pink shorts and a pink top but the really didnt look good so your just getting the photo of the bottom half there! Paired with my new wedges from New Look and my newly found smiley top from Topshop and decided it would look good as part of the punk thing! I was going to wear it on the sad face but I just couldnt bring myself to do it, it was just too sad, obvs im not as punk as I thought... 


Fun in the Garden

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Another bunch of photos that I am really happy with! since starting my blog around 4 months ago i have taken about 6/7 photos that i am really really happy with. The first two here will be added to that list! i think im gonna make a page to showcase my absoulet favs from the beginning on the blog!

Back to the pictures of today

Top - ASOS / Shoes - Schuh / Shorts - Neux Clothing(*)
Headband & Sunglasses - Primark - Duh

Never heard of Neux? Well now you have and you'd better go and check them out before all of their one of a kind stock sells out! 
Run by Chloe - a uni student doing this for some spare cash - but what a talent! Se makes each one unique so you wont be getting these beauties becasue i have them! But there are alot of other great shorts, skirts and tops on the website!

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