Motel Rocks Antics in London

So as you know i am a part of the Motel Rocks street team!

Giving everyone 20% off at Motel with discount code GEORGINAGOODMAN at the checkout! (incase you hadnt realised!!)

Back to the point on hand.
Last night my friends decided they wanted to go clubbing in London as we hadnt been for a while, so i took this as a great oppotunity to get promotoing my code around the city!!
It was also a good time to try to get myslef some photos for the olympic photo challege as we had to get off at Stratford to get to where we was going!

Obviously i was totally unprepared becuase the main aim of the night was to get to the club with a bunch of drunk boys they arnt going to wait for me to get my photos! So this is just for starters!
Now i know what to expect, im going back, with a camera ( not a mobile camera) and a not drunk boyfriend and were going to get some good shots!

Have you get any good ideas for promoting? let me know!!

Here are the photos of my Motel promoting i found on the mobile in the morning

Im proud of this one so im putting it forward for the challenge! More to come

Back of the toilet door in the club!

And These are from the rest of the night!!
Top - Lipsy / Shorts - Forever 21 / Shoes - Primark


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