Ive just come across this amazing online store called

They have some cute and very unique prints! ANNDDD even better, each print can be worn as a tee, a vest or a body!

The whole idea is london life: work hard all day and clubb hard all night
i LOVE this extract that i wound on thier site

Electric Girl - If she were an island she'd be Ibiza, a drink she'd be a shot, an emotion she'd be fun. She's the girl in the sexy tee in the centre of a whirlwind of fun, she gets the look from the boys and girls alike. They all love her; She's utterly ELECTRIC.

Ive Posted my favs below
take a look and let me know what you think!


  1. Replies
    1. i love them all!! so cute make sure to check them out!! xxx

  2. Love those! I want the first one x

  3. Very cute and love the idea! I'm off to check it out~


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