Flash.ON Nails Giveaway

Sunday 28 April 2013

Hey Guys!

If you follow my twitter, you'll know Ive been planning 2 giveawyas for you lucky followers! This is the first and the other will be up soon!

You may remember my last giveaway was with a company called Flash.ON Nails - well that went down quite well and they've offered to do another, bigger and better giveaway with me on my blog

You will win:

One ready main set from thier website of your choice
One set with whatever you want printed on them

To show you what the second part of your prize will look like, they have sent me my very own personalised set! I opted for a photo of my and the boyf which I think came out super cute! This is my favourite photo of us at the moment from his summer ball. You can have anything you want printed on them, personal photos, images from google or a design youve made up! Totally versatile.
In a pack you get 20 nails so theres alot of spare and you can get two sets out of it!

 They also come with glue and a top coat to make them super shiney.

Sunshine Barbie

Thursday 25 April 2013

I've wanted to add this crop top to my collection for so long! I first saw the design months ago on a bodysuit in Miss Selfridge, then I found it on leggings and as soon an I saw the crop top version, I knew it wouldn't be long before I owned one! 

Today, It was aslo warm enough to whip out my favourite ever item of clothing - my light denim shorts, how exciting! And while were going with the whole barbie thing, why not add in some pink hair as well? You know, just a little bit.

Today Andrew and myself played with Molly but it wasnt long before she was tired out, it was so hot and she has thick black fur, all she wanted to do was go and sit in the shade, what a cutie.

All I need now is a cocktail! Me and Andrew are going out for dinner with friends tonight so I might get a cheeky one there!

Top* - OMGFashion
Shorts - H&M
Hair Extensions* - Hair Passion

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Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Just a quick post today to tell you about a new product launch I went to for Hawaiian Tropic last night. Ive been so busy but don't worry. Andrew and myself are going to spend tomorrow taking outfit posts, I'm so excited!

The product is their new Silk Hydration After Sun, apparently the sun cream version did so well last year that they decided to do an aftersun one too! I agree, you can't do sun cream with out aftersun, it's like shampoo and conditioner, they just go together! 

The aftersun has dual ribbons contains moisturising lotion and aloe vera gel  to make your skin feel lovely after a long day of sunbathing, it keeps skin moisturised for up to 24 hours as well as preserving your tan, Triple threat!! 

Did you know that once you come in from the sun your skin will continue reacting to it for up to 6 hours, how scary is that? And that's why aftersun is a must. It provides your skin with cooling effect as well as extra moisture.

 It smells just as lovely as all  the other Hawaiian Tropic products do with a coconut and papaya scent. It'ss also been infused with mango, shae butter and silk protines to reduce redness, and thats where the "Silk Hydration" bit comes from.

The actual event was as perfectly tropical as you can get in the centre of London. Thirty-one floors up Centre Point looking over the capital with excotic cocktails watching the sun set.

And this is what I wore

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HSFW - Part 1

Tuesday 23 April 2013

 This week is High Street Fashion Week and last night I attended the press preview in Leicester Square's swanky Penthouse Club where a few of the brands showcased their products to the press.

This is just going to be a quick (hopefully) post to show you some of the brands that really caught my eye! Sorry for the terrible photos, I used a digital camera instead of my SLR (naughty, I know) and it really wasnt good. Id just like to give a little mention the lovely Millie who I met there! She was lovley, we spent ages talking before the event got busy!

Amazing dresses designed with four of the biggest TOWIE stars, Amy Childs, Jess Wright, Lauren Pope and Lydia Bright. Being from Essex myself I was quite drawn to the dresses. I love the longer ones made with brighly coloured lacey material. They were just loveley and very classsy. I can see them going down very well in Faces!

AD? Annaliese Dayes - You may reccognise her! I did, she was on ANTM - British Invasion and she is just as bubbly in real life. This is a really cute brand, its besically funky socks. Rather than just lace she adds studds or tassles. I want a pair of these for myself!

Elisha Francis -  I was very excited to meet this lady as I will be working with her later on in the week. She designs and makes amazing statement jewellery and sparkely head chains. She gave me the cutest skull pearl bracelet which I will be featuring in an outfit post soon!

As well as a lovely range of swimwear and kaftans they personalise bikini's! Im not sure why knowone had thought of it before, why not get yourself some sparkely writing on your bikini butt? They gave out samples to bloggers which was really nice so I will be going a bikini post when it starts to get warmer I think!

These guys, I love. They are so my kinda style. Cute little tees with hearts and smileys. I got a little racer back vest from with with a unicorn on it which will be in an outfit post soon for sureeee.

 I love meeting people when I'm up in central london who in Essex too! We chatted about local bars and who we knew while they showed their amazing collection of crystalised bottles. These are so perfect for a present, I know Id love to be given one! The little silver one is my fave by far, theres just somthing about Swarvoski crystals!

That's all I've got at the moment but I will report back with more next week!

My Dungaree Debut

Saturday 20 April 2013

OK I've jumped on the bandwagon and now i have a pair of denim dungarees. I would have joined in with this huge trend ages ago if I could have found a pair that I love but it was just impossible, I literally tried on about 7 pairs as well as looking all over the internet for the perfect pair but I just couldn't find any I liked. I nearly bought the £12 pair from Primark but they weren't high waisted, the ones from Topshop were a funny colour - it was just a nightmare! I didn't think it was gonna happen.

 and then... 

Missguided to the rescue - as per usual. They had the perfect pair. A sturdy denim in the right colour, high waisted and short enough in the butt area. They are everything I've been looking for. and the best thing about dungarees? The look their best when worn with a crop top ;)

Flowers - Primark 
Crop - ASOS
Dungarees* - Missguided
Belt - Brothers 
Converse - Camden

Missguided have some amazing new stuff in at the moment, I love their bardot styles. They some in so many colours, and different pieces - crops, bodycons, skaters, peplums! Turquiose and Paisley are my two faves atm.

I also know they are out in Barcelona shooting their new range at the moment, I'm so excited to see the images! I am totally becoming a Missguided Freak and I love it!!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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Stormy Days

Thursday 18 April 2013

When I woke up today the sun is shining. As soon as I left the house and realised that the sun had decieved me. The wind was crazy. I can't wait until it's sunny and actually hot at the same time. As well as that, when I got home from yet another trip into London this week, there was a storm brewing. It was madness, I came out of the station and the sun was shining so I bought myself an ice cream, the when I started walking home I noticed the sky was getting greyer and greyer and all of a sudden its pouring. So I am walking home eating ice cream while it's thundering and lightning. Lucky I live close to the station because I just got home just asthe first of the thunder started. Although when I got in the dog was terrified and she though I was the thunder and lightning and she kept running away from me. Not cool.

Anyway here's a lovely summery outfit. Obvs I'm wearing my favourite crop top and my new acid wash denim skater skirt from Missguided. I love this shape skirt from them. It's the same and my metallic blue one. It has a hidden zip at the back and fits my perfectly.

The converse I forgot I had, but I was so happy to find them in the cupboard the other day. They are are covered in silver sequins and are super pretty. I didn't have a pair of light converse so it was nice to have these back in my life. My grandparents bought them for me when I took them to Camden a few years ago.

Sunglasses - Primark
Crop - ASOS
Skirt - Missguided
Converse - Present from my Grandparents :)
I can't wait for Missguided to bring out their summer stuff. I have seen some sneaky previews and there is some amazing stuff to come!

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That Boy Is A Monster.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Hi again guys! Feels like a haven't posted for ages, does it feel like that to you? I'd like to say I've been busy but I can't actually remember what I've been doing, except for going to college. Maybe that's it, just getting back into the routine of making time for blogging even when I have other things to do!

This post is about two new additions to my wardrobe. Yey new clothes! Everytime I go to put on one of my (many) crop tops I think - hmm I wish I had a black midi to go with this. It never really occured to me until last week that maybe I should go out and buy one. I love the whole midi thing. This one was £10 from a cheap shop in Romford and it's just what I wanted. Im sure you'll be seeing alot more of this.

The crop is buy Illustrated People. A great new brand I've come across recently. I saw their consession at Topshop, checked out their site and now many of their items are on my wishlist! They do great sweaters! I dont have many long sleeve crops but I like this one, it's more loosely fitting, a nice colour and I like the design. It makes me think of Lady Gaga and thats not a bad thing.

If you read my blog I'm sure you'll recognise the both the shoes and the sunglasses. I dont think I've taken the shoes off since getting them a couple of weeks ago and the same can be said about the sunglasses since the suns been out.

Skirt - Romford 
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy
Sunglasses -D&G

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Living My Dream

Sunday 14 April 2013

Sunshine Sunshine! Today it's sunny in Essex. Not sunny enough for shorts and crop tops and still really winding but the sun's out and there's a little bit of heat -  It's fine, I'll just wear a hoodie.

 Today's the last day of my easter break, it's going to be so strange going back to college tomorrow after two weeks off. I've been like living my dream life this easter and I don't want it to stop! Photoshoots and Events! I want to be a model so bad.

Talking of photoshoots, here are the photos from monday when I went to model for a friend who has just designed and made a six piece collection. Its really interesting, she based it on fisherman wear. My favourite pieces are the white jumpers, you know me and sweaters hahah

Let me know what you think of the colection, she'd love to hear your comments!

Clothes (Made & Designed) - Gemma Saville
Models - Myself & Darcy Hennessy
Photos - Konnahh Farrow-Guy
Hair & Makeup - Alanna Jane Flanders-Doughty

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