Flash.ON Nails Giveaway

Hey Guys!

If you follow my twitter, you'll know Ive been planning 2 giveawyas for you lucky followers! This is the first and the other will be up soon!

You may remember my last giveaway was with a company called Flash.ON Nails - well that went down quite well and they've offered to do another, bigger and better giveaway with me on my blog

You will win:

One ready main set from thier website of your choice
One set with whatever you want printed on them

To show you what the second part of your prize will look like, they have sent me my very own personalised set! I opted for a photo of my and the boyf which I think came out super cute! This is my favourite photo of us at the moment from his summer ball. You can have anything you want printed on them, personal photos, images from google or a design youve made up! Totally versatile.
In a pack you get 20 nails so theres alot of spare and you can get two sets out of it!

 They also come with glue and a top coat to make them super shiney.


  1. Wow those nails are so cute!

    what an amazing giveaway! @roxannehs

  2. Aww, you and your boyfriend are so cute! avpeelde (at) gmail (dot) com :) xo

  3. So cool!!

  4. Wow amazing. Never seen anything like it before!

  5. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    These nails ate amazing why can't I enter on my kindle!! I might st some of these for my sister's wedding.

  6. Great giveaway, my e-mail is :-) xo

  7. Lovely giveaway! x

  8. What a great prize! (


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