Time To Relax

Today is the only day this week that I haven't got plans, so I'm taking the time to relax in my new waffle robe and get ready for going out clubbing tonight, woo! I have wanted a waffle robe for literally forever. Everytime Andrew and I stay at a hotel, the first thing I do when we get to the room is check if they have robes and then I spend most of my time wearing it hahah and now I have my very own thanks to Catwalk-Glamour. Its exactly the same except it's brand new which is nice, you know your the only person wearing it. It's warm and comfortable and a lovely clean white! I feel rich having my own one hahah. At the moment they are only £15, which is alot cheaper than I expected them to be.

I'm planning to sort my outfit then wash my hair, paint my nails and then laze around for the rest of the afternoon, eating and doing nothing. Very Exciting!

Nail Polish - Barry M

Also, My giveaway ended today and the winner is

Dont worry if you didn't win this one as I have an even more exciting Flash.ON Nails giveaway coming this week!


  1. Hahaha amazing, every day is waking up in a hotel! I used to live in my dressing robe until it literally frayed beyond salvation.. sad times XXX

  2. hope you have fun tonight x

  3. You do not have funny hips! I love the way they just "pop" I wish my hips done that.
    I've never been a robe person but that might be as I've never visited a hotel where they give you robes?
    Great post

  4. yes! i am so happy its Friday and soooo ready to relax this weekend!

    love from San Francisco,

  5. Hmmm sounds like a fine relaxing day! You look pretty :)

    XO, Imke

  6. you look great in your photos <3


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