Shoot Me Fab

Last saturday I attended a fun new event called ShootMeFab! Me and three other bloggers made our way down to Knightsbridge's "Looking Great" Salon to have a make over! Hair, make up and photos, kinda my dream day! 
As I arrived, I was welcomed by the crew and whisked off to another room to have my make up done! My MUA was amazing! Shes the lady on the left and the next one in did my hair!

There were lots of yummy snacks including sushi, caviar, champagne and amazing cupcakes as well as amazing goodie bags at the end of the day! I think those sorts of things aren't a massive part of the day but definatly add to it. I think they are still very important 

Here are a few of the final photos:

They are now running a competition on facebook - whoever gets the most votes wins a prize. Id really appreciate if you'd take the time to vote for me! I think theres also a chance to win a good bag if you vote :)


  1. You look amazing!! I love your eye makeup.

  2. You look gorgeous!!! love the pics!
    how do you find out about such events?? i live in LA and theres stuff like that all the time but don't know where to look!
    you should model!

    xx Andrea

  3. Wonderful pictures ! You are fabulous :)


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