That Boy Is A Monster.

Hi again guys! Feels like a haven't posted for ages, does it feel like that to you? I'd like to say I've been busy but I can't actually remember what I've been doing, except for going to college. Maybe that's it, just getting back into the routine of making time for blogging even when I have other things to do!

This post is about two new additions to my wardrobe. Yey new clothes! Everytime I go to put on one of my (many) crop tops I think - hmm I wish I had a black midi to go with this. It never really occured to me until last week that maybe I should go out and buy one. I love the whole midi thing. This one was £10 from a cheap shop in Romford and it's just what I wanted. Im sure you'll be seeing alot more of this.

The crop is buy Illustrated People. A great new brand I've come across recently. I saw their consession at Topshop, checked out their site and now many of their items are on my wishlist! They do great sweaters! I dont have many long sleeve crops but I like this one, it's more loosely fitting, a nice colour and I like the design. It makes me think of Lady Gaga and thats not a bad thing.

If you read my blog I'm sure you'll recognise the both the shoes and the sunglasses. I dont think I've taken the shoes off since getting them a couple of weeks ago and the same can be said about the sunglasses since the suns been out.

Skirt - Romford 
Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy
Sunglasses -D&G

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  1. This outfit is great, love your shirt, I love GaGa a lot, I would complain having that in my closet...


  2. That top is gorgeous! And definitely Mother Monster all over : )

  3. I love your outfit! The combination is brilliant!

  4. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog- whenever I see about her crop on you I want it! I bought my knee highs from primarily so try looking there
    I think it must be an Essex thing as I've been low on the blog front too x

  5. i love this outfit very chic

  6. Love this top! And the midi skirt is so chic!


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