The FRONTLINE Plus House

Thursday 29 September 2016

FRONTLINE® is a brand that I really enjoy working with because as a pet owner, all I want is the best for Molly and they are all about keeping your pet healthy. 

To launch their new product, FRONTLINE® Plus (a double action flea product which also treats for ticks) a few weeks ago, they invited Steph & Dom from Gogglebox and Gigi, their cute little miniature Dachshund, alongside TV vet Dr. Scott Miller, to the FRONTLINE Plus House in the middle of Victoria station. Whilst I wasn't able to make this one, the house is going up and down the country for a three month roadshow and I did manage to go along to All About Dogs this weekend with Andrew to give them a visit! 
I was pretty excited, I'm not gonna lie. There were dogs everywhere and I spent most of the afternoon sat on the floor stroking them whilst Andrew stood awkwardly waiting for me!
Once I got that out of my system we concentrated on what we were there for! Inside the house we learned loads about fleas, ticks and how the new product helps! Double action FRONTLINE Plus not only kills fleas and ticks on the pet, but it also contains an active ingredient that stops flea eggs from hatching in the home which is where 95% of the problem is! I leaned that on my fact hunt around the house!
Visitors to the FRONTLINE Plus House are encouraged to share photos of their activity across their social media channels, take part in a ‘lucky dip’ competition for instant rewards (we got an eye cleaner for Molly), and sign up to the FRONTLINE free treatment reminder service to have a chance to WIN a £1,500 pet-friendly Forest Holiday or one of five pet photo shoots worth £500.* 
 Find the FRONTLINE Plus House at:
All About Dogs, Essex – 24th-25th September
Family Pet Show, Manchester – 1st-2nd October
Discover Dogs, London – 22nd-23rd October
National Pet Show, Birmingham – 5th-6th November 

*T&Cs apply, see
FRONTLINE® Plus contains fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Legal category: NFA-VPS (UK). FRONTLINE® is a registered trademark of Merial. For further information refer to the datasheet or contact Merial Animal Health Ltd, CM19 5TG, UK. ©Merial Ltd 2016. All rights reserved.
Use medicines responsibly.

*Collaborative Post

Hong Kong & Bali Photo Diary & Polaroid Giveaway

Monday 26 September 2016

In case you missed it (highly unlikley with the amount I've been going on about it recently) I recently arrived back home after my big trip to Hong Kong and Bali with Andrew. The whole trip was totally amazing and of course I've already started looking at my next visit to that side of the world. We have both fallen in love with the culture, the people and the way of life; the food, the colours, I just love everything about it. 

I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to organise my posts around the trip yet but in the meantime, I thought I'd just show you some of my favourite photos and if you manage to get to the end of this post, there'll be a raffelcoptor widget waiting for you! This is all part of a collaboration with Canesten - the number one brand in Women’s Intimate Health - as part of their Freshness Travel Campaign. They have given me a Polaroid camera to giveaway so you guys can capture all of your memories too!

The whole idea is to raise awareness of looking after your intimate health and hygiene even when your having a busy summer whether that's at a festival, or a holiday in my case! My trip was crazy at the best of times but with the incredible bathrooms we had at all three of our stops (you'll agree when you see them), there was always a good excuse to make time. Obviously it's not to easy when your at a festival for example but Canesten have a great range of products (there's always space for a packet of wipes) that you can easily use on the go!

Open to UK residents aged 18 and over.

*This post has been supported by Canesten, but all thoughts are my own.

Birthday Outfit Diary

Thursday 22 September 2016

I always get so excited about my birthday! This year, I tried to convince Andrew that birthday month was an actual thing and although he wasn't having any of that, I did get him to agree to birthday week as a compromise. He planned some amazing things for us - we went out lots and we ate lots. I am working on some other posts about what we got up to but in the meantime, heres what I wore!

Of course we kicked off Birthday week with a meal at our favourite place! It seems to get busier and busier every time we go but the food and service is always incredible! Sheesh is a very smart place but it was a warm evening so I went a little more casual than usual with these shorts from Primark and a crop cami from Topshop. These tops are my favourite in the summer because they are so light and are a really easy way to add a pop of colour.
Duck & Waffle
This was the actual day of my birthday and I wanted to dress up a little but also keep it smart. I wouldn't usually wear heels for breakfast but I was in Liverpool Street and going for the 'City girl on a breakfast date' look.

My top is from Coast which isn't somewhere that I would usually shop but actually, I always find tops that I like when I go in there. This one has slits along the shoulders so the sleeve hang a little and it ties up really nicely at the front as it is specifically to be tied. I paired it simply with a black skirt from H&M and my go to New Look heels.

Pivaz is a new turkish that has recently opened up on my local high street. My parents went on the opening night and have been going on about it ever since so we went for my family birthday meal with Andrew and my brothers.

I had come straight from work so I wanted to wear something comfortable but still pretty and fun hence this amazing dress from Lauren Popes range at In The Style and white converse. It is a totally different shape to anything I own and whenever I wear it, I get lots of compliments on it. Its a super lightweight material and it flows out behind me when I walk.

Hubbard & Bell
So my last breakfast outfit was smart and subtle, this one is saying I'm going for breakfast and I'm excited. Well actually, it says but first brunch but you get my point. Andrew and I were off to our first hotel afterwards so I could wear it for breakfast and then get changed later, I do love this jumper but I think I would feel silly wearing it past lunchtime. It's currently in the sale on boohoo for £5 and it's pretty tiny so size up -I'm wearing a 12! Again with my H&M skirt, another pair of converse and my trusty Antler case for our weekend away. 

City Social
 Granted this is a bit of a crappy photo but it seems to be the only one I have from our last evening. I also got this lace dress on boohoo and it was the first time in a long time that I had bought a dress especially for an occasion. I thought I'd get something new as Andrew said he had booked a posh restaurant. He was planning on dressing smart too but turns out he forgot to bring smart shoes and he couldn't wear Vans with his suit so he ended up wearing his usual combo and I looked totally overdressed haha. Oh well, Birthday Girl coming through!!

Five Places For Breakfast In London

Sunday 18 September 2016

If you guys have followed me for a while, particularly on Instagram, you will know that I am a little bit partial to a nice brunch at the weekends! Breakfast during the week is such a boring experience for me, I've been making my way through a box of weetabix this week so that's why I like to indulge a little at the weekend.

If you asked me what my perfect 24 hours in London would be, it would definitely start with brunch! Usually it's all about the avocado but since I had five different sitting to attend to this week, I mixed up my choices a little! My birthday plans were left completely up Andrew this year and luckily for me, my boyfriend knows me well.

Duck & Waffle at The Heron Tower
This was on the morning of my actual birthday and I was so excited because I have wanted to visit duck and waffle for such a long time now. We got in the lift up to the 40th floor and sat at a window seat looking out over London. Compared to the sky garden and even the shard, it seemed so much higher and whilst it was pretty scary, it was also pretty amazing.

I popped to the toilet and when I came back, Andrew had ordered two belinis! Champagne for breakfast it was then! I kinda wanted to order the duck and waffle, because, well you know; but the duck egg en cocotte sounded too good to pass up. So whilst Andrew got stuck into his full English, I had a pan of melted gruyere cheese, wild mushrooms and truffle with a fried duck egg in the middle and a basket of toasted bread soldiers. It was delicious and a bit over indulgent for breakfast but it was my birthday after all!

As we finished our drinks, the manager brought over a cute little cake with a candle in it which was a nice touch and just the sweet bite I needed needed to finish off.

Hubbard & Bell at The Hoxton Hotel
We've been here a few of time now because its one of our favorite places for breakfast! The eggs are always poached to perfection plus I love that the avotoast comes with pistachios for a little extra crunch.

After feeling ill every single time I eat bread, this time, I though you know what!? Why do I keep doing this to myself and decided to order gluten free to see what happened. I was a bit scared to eat it at first because even though it was gluten free, it was still a slice of bread and I was convinced that it was going to make me feel ill plus I wasn't even sure that I was going to like it. I needn't have worried though, because the thick slice of seeded bread that arrived with my breakfast was delicious and I actually really enjoyed it's crumbly texture. Afterwards, low and behold no stomach ache, no acid reflux and no falling asleep. Problem solved!

The Holborn Dining Room At The Rosewood
Andrew had booked a super weekend for us and the first night involved a stay at The Rosewood Hotel. For breakfast in the morning, we had three options; room service, the mirror room or the holborn dining room. I wanted to see as much of the hotel as I could so that put a cross over room service. We first popped to the mirror room but it was a bit too loungey for us as so we moved on to The Holborn Dining room in the courtyard of the hotel, which was much more of a proper restaurant. We both loved the style and don't ask me how but strangely, it reminded us both of main street Disney, it just had that vibe.

Anyway I thought I'd try something different this morning and went for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, I also ordered an exotic fruit salad, tea and juice and some more gluten free bread! It was quite expensive but luckily it was all included in the price of our room.

Room Service At The South Place Hotel
The next evening, we stayed at another amazing hotel and decided to spend our last morning together in bed. Whilst they have the rooms and design down to a T, we weren't so impressed with the breakfast. It was a little bit cold when it arrived and they forgot a smoothie, which was quickly brought up afterward, although it was tasteless. This definitely won't stop us from going back though as I would count it as my new favourite hotel, we just won't be booking breakfast next time!

NAC Mayfair
This one was a few days later but I took it as a chance to celebrate my first full week of being 23! I popped down to Mayfair for breakfast with Farfetch. As I like to describe them, its like ASOS but for designer brands - they have a selection of over 400 boutiques and some incredible stock.

It was a great opportunity to hear about blogging from some different points of view, especially as some of them were fashion magazines as well as blogs and of course catch up with the Laurren who arranged it all!

Of course I went to the avotoast yet again and a glass of fresh orange juice. I loved that they spread the toast with avocado before they piled it on top as well. There were chilli seeds on it which I was not expecting but those were easily scraped off! 
 *Collaborative Post
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