My Third Day In Lech: Waterfalls

Our final full day of the trip was a much more relaxed one. We were given the choice to do what we fancied in the morning so whilst some of the others went back to the mountain we visited on the first day, I decided to have a lay in and have an hour or two on my own. I had a late breakfast and then wandered into town to pick up a shot glass for Andrew. The weather was beautiful - blue skies and warmth, I felt like I got the see the place in full summer swing!
 Soon enough, the others had come back and with a packed lunch fresh from the hotel bakery, we took a hike into the forest and this hike, I really enjoyed. The ground was flat and dry, the sun was shining and I was actually able to take in and appreciate the vast views. We ate our little packed lunch on a bench right  on the river. The flowing water that we saw the day before was just a trickle compared to what we saw here. 
Our tour guide took us further into the forest as we followed the stream where our trip finished up by to a beautiful roaring waterfall. We spend a half hour there sitting on the rocks as it passed us by. 
As the hotel Gotthard are now running golf package holidays, we visited their golf course later that afternoon which was a short drive from the hotel and Austria's highest altitude golf course! I'm not a golfer myself, obviously, I sat in the cafe which had an amazing view over the whole course and drank mango juice but just look at that backdrop, what an incredible setting to play in.
Everyone was in high spirits for our last evening! We had been on this wonderful walk, the other half of the team had a fun afternoon rock climbing! We spent our last evening together back to the little communal area where the market was earlier in the week; except this time, it was kitted out with a stage and some food stands. There we ate Austrian sausages and drank beer whilst we listened to the band play traditional Austrian music. It was a pretty lovely end to the trip!


  1. Some beautiful shots! Sounds like you had a great time! x

    1. It was a really lovely trip! Especially this day :) x


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