Sunday 30 June 2013

If your a blogger from London, them I'm sure you will have heard about one of the biggeset meet ups this year. It was arranged by Scarlett and she did a great job, a lovely idea for an event informal, getting all the girls together for afternoon cocktail, just behind regent street, at Honover Square's Dirty Martini Bar.

After a whole morning of trying on nearly every outfit in my wardrobe, I went along and met up with Lorna and Jade at Oxford Street Station. What we didn't realise was yestrday was also Pride and the place was completely packed, so we weaved our way in and out on the hundreds of people and made our way to the venue. 

We spent the afternoon mingleing with other bloggers and drinking cockails, although I only had one as I had work. Me and Jade got a 2-4-1- deal on a raspberry Belini (I think) which was very nice!

It was all very exciting finally getting to meet the people that you speak to all the time online and everyone who I did meet was a lovely as expected. It was fun to see if you recognised anyone else from other blogs around and hearing the people recognise you is always amazing. 

Anyway, there's not much to say except a huge thank you to Scarlett and here are a few photos for you!

Top - F21
Skirt* - Bliss Clothing
Shoes- Vans, Present From Andrew 

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Lifestyle: Cupcake Class

Saturday 29 June 2013

Sorry about all the lifestyle post guys, As I've said before, it's really hard to do outfit posts at the moment and ive been to a few events lately so I hope you like these posts in the meantime.

Bloggers love cupcakes. Fact right? So I was super excited when I was invited to cupcake decorating class at the Gloucester Road Millennium Hotel. Of course I love making cupcakes at home, I've mastered the cake part but that's where it ends, I had no idea how to decorate them and the be honest by the time I've taken them out of the oven my family have already eaten most of them within 5 minutes.

The hotel itself was lovely and grand. It came across as a very conferencey kinda place with rooms that held up to 500 people. The guest rooms were clean and spacious and the even had a guest club thing where if you stay in a club room you'll get lots of extras and access to the club lounge for complementary breakfast and things like that. 

I arrived first, as usual and given a lovely summery fruit cocktail. When the rest of the bloggers started turning up we had a chat and sat down around big round tables. First we were taught how to make the prestigious rose. We used food colouring with our sugar paste and rolled it into five little pea sized balls. Then we flattened them. Carefully we had the wrap them around each other and flare out the edges until we got somthing the resembled a rose. I was so happy with my first one, the pink one, but then it went down hill haha I made two more not so impressive ones as well. 

After playing around with the cutters and different colours, we were given 6 sponge cupcakes each and shown how to pipe roses with buttercream icing, this part was super fun but the most difficult, it is very hard to make it look good haha after adding the icing we put our roses and shapes into the cream and ta-dah. All done! 

It was a great evening and Millennium made us all feel very welcome with complementary canopoês, drinks and lovely goodie bags at the end! 

Cupcake class is one of those things at I've always wanted to do, so a big thank you to the people who made it happen for me here. I've been thinking loads about things I want to do lately, well more places that I want to go to as it is coming up to holiday season. Last year I got to do some of the things on my list such as visiting the leaning tower of Pisa and seeing Pompeii. This year I'm hoping to go punting in Venice! Thailand and Disney florida (again) are top of my list for next year!

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LIFESTYLE: Lunch & Tea

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Most of my day today was spent eating. What a pig hahah my dad took me, my mum and one of my brother for lunch at a local restaurant called The Blue Boar! I always pass it and have seen a few scenes from TOWIE have been filmed in there so I was excited to try! 

We had a really nice meal, I tried not to eat too much as I had a blogger afternoon tea party event  coming up straight after. I tried, but failed. I ended up with ribs and tempura prawns, both in starter form so as you can see, at least I did try hahah as well as that I had a slice of garlic bread and half a Creme brûlée. 

Once I was totally stuffed I hopped on a train into St. Paul's where I walked to The Grange Hotel. I had been to the Holborn Grange with Andrew before and it was an amazing 5* hotel so I expected a lot and I wasn't disappointed. It was a beautiful place. The blogger event was held by spa and well being brands Sranrom and Ajala

Soon after I arrived, I met up with Lorna and her friend Dina who she brought with and we were given a tour around the hotel's spa which was absolutely amazing, it was to calm and relaxing as a spa should be. The pool area was super pretty with soft lighting, black stone décor and water running down the wall. Lucky us, at the end of the event we were all asked to write down our emails so we could get a complementary treatment over the next month. I'm very excited about that and will be sure to blog about it for you guys!

As well as the tour we were all treated to afternoon tea, which as you may know is one of my favourite things to do. There were mini scones with clotted cream and jam, the usual finger sandwiches and lots of pretty cakes and tarts! We all sat down with our food and tea for a chat and then were back off to the station. Today was pretty good, it just went really fast and now I'm kinda feeling a bit bloated hahah
And the lovely goodie bag! The tangy Delight flavour is my favourite by far! I love anything that smells ornagey
Click here to enter!! I'm giving away shoes :)
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OOTD: Rainbows And Monkeys

Sunday 23 June 2013

Finally I've managed to get an outfit post up for you! My poor laptop is over 5 years old and on its way out.  It was a gift to me after my operation on my spine when I was 14 and has been one of my most used presents ever. I started this very blog on my laptop and will be sad to see it go although I'm hoping to get a new one for my birthday in August. Until then I am going to strugle very much so with getting photos from my camera onto the laptop. I could do photos from my ipad but the quality isn't very good so I'll have to see. But don't worry guys, I'm working on it!!!

Here are some I took last week, with Andrew and Molly as per. It's getting warm enough for me to whip the crops back out and last week alone I got 4 new ones, uh ho. I need to get on the healthy eating if I wanna have the body to be wearing them all summer!

I love the crazy colours of this one which I got from a super cheap online webstore called Diva Dames for a whopping £5. It was the perfect colour to go with my new kipling bag which was great as I thought it might be a hard colour to find things to go with! I love the little money which is definately a kipling trademark. The bag itself feels very strong and sturdy and has lots of pockets for different bits and pieces. And an OOTD wouldn't be an OOTD for me without a bit of primark. Obvs

Crop Top* - Diva Dames
Jeans - Primark 
Shoes - Primark 
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GIVEAWAY: Size 6 Shoes

Saturday 22 June 2013

Today I've got a super giveaway for all of you UK based bloggers! 

If your a size 6 in heels, then your in luck, Ive teamed up with the lovely people at SpyLoveBuy who have supplied me with a pair of size 6 heels to giveaways to one of my readers! They are a strappy pair of sandals in a black suede material. Very classy looking and totally on trend at the moment. 

You can enter using the raffle copter widget below. The competition is running for just over a month and is UK based only 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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ENTRY: A Day At The Races

Friday 21 June 2013

Here is my entry to a competition being held over at Casino Choice to style an outfit for the races!

I don't know much about Ascot and all the races stuff but I do know it's quite typical to wear somthing big and crazy in your hair -  normally like a hat or a spray but I liked the flower crown better and this competition is about wearing what you love. I've always wanted a whole lotta rosie crown from Crown and Glory so that's what I've chosen.  I'd have my hair up at the back with little curly bits around my face, that way you'll also be able to see there super classy drop earrings.

The sunglasses arn't a massive part of the outfit (but one of my favourites) and will probably spend most of the day inside my pretty little clutch, we will be in England after all, but if the sun does decide to make an appearance, at least I will be able to whip out the coolest sunglasses around! I've seen a few people wearing them and love how in photos it looks like you've added the sunglasses with a cartoon app or somthing. Soo cool! These are somthing that would be perfect for all summer, not just the races.

I was very careful with the shoes, as much as I wanted to add in a cute pair of beige Zara strappy sandals, wedges would be a lot more practical for sepending the day in a field and they're still super cute. The peep toe also gives a great opportunity to add a little bit of the blue colour to the bottom of the outfit too with Barry M on your fingers and toes.  The dress is from Jones+Jones, a favourite of mine for event dresses, they look amazing and always make me feel great, I love the puffy skirt and the pretty blue colour!

Shoes £24.95// Dress £65// Nails £2.99// Crown £18// Clutch £20// Earrings £18// Sunglasses £25

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OOTD: Camo

Thursday 20 June 2013

It seems that I am making a habit of taking a while between posts but as of recently I've been so busy (as I keep saying haha) I went to France on Monday with the boys which meant no time for blogging from sunday till Tuesday (preperation and sleeping you know) and Wednesday I was at my internship, so this is the first chance I've had! I've got a few photos from France so I'm gonna do a post on that soon too! Right, lets get down to business.

Up until this outfit, I have never worn camo, it's just a print I've never been intersted. I know it was coming back into fashion so I picked up this skirt for like £5 while I was working at the Motel Rocks sample sale a few weeks back, why not for that price?! I have fallen in love with Motel's version of the prin and also got myself a crop top (naturally) while I was there and so much other stuff! I have filmed a haul which I will be putting up some time soon with photos as well to show you all what I picked up. Also, how cool is this jacket?! It's like a leather jacket style but it's made of chiffon so it's super light for the summer, I love it and will be taking it away with me on holiday for sure. It just goes with everything and it so easy to scrunch up and throw in your bag, they also stock it in pink and lime.

If your a fan of camo, be sure to check out Motel Rocks and rememer you can use my code - GEORGINAGOODMAN1 - on the site for 20% off!

Molly seems to be making an apprenece in every post lately, seriously, she wont let anyone outside without her, she loves the sun and being outdoors and obviously loves the camera too hahah 

Skirt - Motel Rocks 
Crop - ASOS
Flip Flops - Primark 
Sunglasses - D&G
Jacket* - Quirky ME
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Stay Flawless With Benefit

Friday 14 June 2013

Monday this week was a good day! As well as getting results that I was super happy with, I was also invited to this Benefit event and afterwards went out for a celebratory meal to the super posh Regent Street Goucho Steak House with my Dad, which was really amazing! We both had huge steaks with chips and spinach. It was sooo good.

I was invited to the Wolf bar to see the London launch of Benefits new product - Stay Flawless - which is officially launched into shops on 29 June.
As always Benefit's blogger events are the best! I was welcomed with a glass of prosecco as we all sat dow for a little chat about Benefits history and the new prouct. I learnt that Benefit started 37 years ago and was originally called The Face Place. The owners flipped a coin to decide whether they started a make up business or a casserole one haha I bet they were very pleased with the outcome as at the moment Benefit hold 5 of the top 10 spots for best luxury makeup products around.

Stay Flawless is a new primer said to keep your makeup in place for up to 15 hours. It contains a special 'make-up magnet' which holds the make up in place through the day. You apply it to your face in circular motions to unlock the magic magnet and then put your make up on top!

Next up was a quiz to see if we were listening, and of course I was, which lead to me winning two sets of prizes, pretty eye shadows and lip glosses. YEY!
After all of that we were bombarded with hundreds of canopeos which I welcomed as I hadn't eaten all day! They just kept coming, salmon, caviar, steak, tuna, dumplings and cute mini quechies. It was amazing. As well as that, and free drinks we were given wrist bands to go into the Ice bar which was a great extra touch, such a fun and unique experience!

Thank you to Benefit and the team for another great night and some lovely goodies! 

Also, I have just put a few things up on EBAY if anyone is interested
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