Stay Flawless With Benefit

Monday this week was a good day! As well as getting results that I was super happy with, I was also invited to this Benefit event and afterwards went out for a celebratory meal to the super posh Regent Street Goucho Steak House with my Dad, which was really amazing! We both had huge steaks with chips and spinach. It was sooo good.

I was invited to the Wolf bar to see the London launch of Benefits new product - Stay Flawless - which is officially launched into shops on 29 June.
As always Benefit's blogger events are the best! I was welcomed with a glass of prosecco as we all sat dow for a little chat about Benefits history and the new prouct. I learnt that Benefit started 37 years ago and was originally called The Face Place. The owners flipped a coin to decide whether they started a make up business or a casserole one haha I bet they were very pleased with the outcome as at the moment Benefit hold 5 of the top 10 spots for best luxury makeup products around.

Stay Flawless is a new primer said to keep your makeup in place for up to 15 hours. It contains a special 'make-up magnet' which holds the make up in place through the day. You apply it to your face in circular motions to unlock the magic magnet and then put your make up on top!

Next up was a quiz to see if we were listening, and of course I was, which lead to me winning two sets of prizes, pretty eye shadows and lip glosses. YEY!
After all of that we were bombarded with hundreds of canopeos which I welcomed as I hadn't eaten all day! They just kept coming, salmon, caviar, steak, tuna, dumplings and cute mini quechies. It was amazing. As well as that, and free drinks we were given wrist bands to go into the Ice bar which was a great extra touch, such a fun and unique experience!

Thank you to Benefit and the team for another great night and some lovely goodies! 

Also, I have just put a few things up on EBAY if anyone is interested
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  1. Ohh look at that primer. I usually use a liquid primer from witch but in wonder how a balm would look

  2. ah these products look amazing! seriously looks like you had an amazing time

  3. I've tried that foundation it was amazing and blended so well ! btw you're gorgeous


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