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Sorry about all the lifestyle post guys, As I've said before, it's really hard to do outfit posts at the moment and ive been to a few events lately so I hope you like these posts in the meantime.

Bloggers love cupcakes. Fact right? So I was super excited when I was invited to cupcake decorating class at the Gloucester Road Millennium Hotel. Of course I love making cupcakes at home, I've mastered the cake part but that's where it ends, I had no idea how to decorate them and the be honest by the time I've taken them out of the oven my family have already eaten most of them within 5 minutes.

The hotel itself was lovely and grand. It came across as a very conferencey kinda place with rooms that held up to 500 people. The guest rooms were clean and spacious and the even had a guest club thing where if you stay in a club room you'll get lots of extras and access to the club lounge for complementary breakfast and things like that. 

I arrived first, as usual and given a lovely summery fruit cocktail. When the rest of the bloggers started turning up we had a chat and sat down around big round tables. First we were taught how to make the prestigious rose. We used food colouring with our sugar paste and rolled it into five little pea sized balls. Then we flattened them. Carefully we had the wrap them around each other and flare out the edges until we got somthing the resembled a rose. I was so happy with my first one, the pink one, but then it went down hill haha I made two more not so impressive ones as well. 

After playing around with the cutters and different colours, we were given 6 sponge cupcakes each and shown how to pipe roses with buttercream icing, this part was super fun but the most difficult, it is very hard to make it look good haha after adding the icing we put our roses and shapes into the cream and ta-dah. All done! 

It was a great evening and Millennium made us all feel very welcome with complementary canopoês, drinks and lovely goodie bags at the end! 

Cupcake class is one of those things at I've always wanted to do, so a big thank you to the people who made it happen for me here. I've been thinking loads about things I want to do lately, well more places that I want to go to as it is coming up to holiday season. Last year I got to do some of the things on my list such as visiting the leaning tower of Pisa and seeing Pompeii. This year I'm hoping to go punting in Venice! Thailand and Disney florida (again) are top of my list for next year!

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