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Seeing as I've run out of blog photos and am currently waiting for Andrew to get round here to take some more I thought toto day would be a good day to do a competition post which doesn't require Andrews skills haha. Also I have just discovered there is a blogger app and I am posting from there so sorry if its all weird, I'm going to check it over on my laptop when I get a chance. 

It's a competition held over at
Talesofanniebean to win £1000 worth of vouchers for Laura Ashley. It's a really amazing prize which I could really do with as my bedroom kinda need a bit of sorting out. Here's what it looks like at the moment. 

Notice one of these images is a lot tidier than the rest. This is because that day we had people visiting the house (were trying to sell) and my mum stuffed all the clothes which didn't fit into my wardrobe into a suit case instead and told them we were going on holiday because I  have absolutely no space for closes. My closet is bursting so any new clothes get hung on the outside of my wardrobe or folder/thrown on the floor.

This is why I need the first of my choices. An extra wardrobe! It also has a mirror on the front which would be immensely helpful as I don't have a full length one in my room. Yes that is as hard as it sounds. I can never see my full outfit and I hate it.  Oh please let me win this competition.

Next item I chose to would be a double bed. I feel like the only person in the world who still has a single one. The one I've picked is very similar to my bed now but just twice the size. I love the white cast iron beds. They looks so elegant and Victorian.

Last item is a chaise longue. I have wants done of these ever since I Was little, another elegant looking piece. I can just imaging wearing a silk ball gown and draping myself over the little sofa thingy at then end of my bed after going out for a super posh dinner or an awards ceremony or something. 

As well as these three things looking lovely in my room now, they would be perfect for if we did finally sell our house and move!

So there it is! Hope the sight of my bedroom hasn't made you think any differently of me hahah

Fingers crossed!


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  1. Thank you for the kind comment- I can totally see you in that crop top :)
    Your room reminds men of mine, I can't get into my wardrobe (fitted wardrobes do not work in a box room) so mine looks like a mini explosion too.
    I love chaise longues, I've always wanted one two- especially that my dog has a mini one :(

  2. Hope you win... good luck! Your room looks cool anyway very funky! ... will follow everyone back xo

  3. Good luck, I like the simple but gorgeous pieces you have picked! there's a competition I just entered on my blog you may be interested in. I think you should enter ;)


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