If your a blogger from London, them I'm sure you will have heard about one of the biggeset meet ups this year. It was arranged by Scarlett and she did a great job, a lovely idea for an event informal, getting all the girls together for afternoon cocktail, just behind regent street, at Honover Square's Dirty Martini Bar.

After a whole morning of trying on nearly every outfit in my wardrobe, I went along and met up with Lorna and Jade at Oxford Street Station. What we didn't realise was yestrday was also Pride and the place was completely packed, so we weaved our way in and out on the hundreds of people and made our way to the venue. 

We spent the afternoon mingleing with other bloggers and drinking cockails, although I only had one as I had work. Me and Jade got a 2-4-1- deal on a raspberry Belini (I think) which was very nice!

It was all very exciting finally getting to meet the people that you speak to all the time online and everyone who I did meet was a lovely as expected. It was fun to see if you recognised anyone else from other blogs around and hearing the people recognise you is always amazing. 

Anyway, there's not much to say except a huge thank you to Scarlett and here are a few photos for you!

Top - F21
Skirt* - Bliss Clothing
Shoes- Vans, Present From Andrew 

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  1. Thanks so much for coming along Georgina! It was great to see you, sorry we didn't get to chat more - I tried to say hello to everyone but it was so busy! You looked lovely - absolutely love your outfit. So glad you had fun, hope we can do it all again soon!

    Scarlett x

  2. love your blog hun!
    could you please check out mine?

  3. Ahh it's so amazing that you got to go to this amazing event hun! I bet is was such an incredible experience to meet with fellow bloggers <3 Love your outfit btw, it's gorgeous! :))

    Andrea | RosyChicc

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