OOTD: Camo

It seems that I am making a habit of taking a while between posts but as of recently I've been so busy (as I keep saying haha) I went to France on Monday with the boys which meant no time for blogging from sunday till Tuesday (preperation and sleeping you know) and Wednesday I was at my internship, so this is the first chance I've had! I've got a few photos from France so I'm gonna do a post on that soon too! Right, lets get down to business.

Up until this outfit, I have never worn camo, it's just a print I've never been intersted. I know it was coming back into fashion so I picked up this skirt for like £5 while I was working at the Motel Rocks sample sale a few weeks back, why not for that price?! I have fallen in love with Motel's version of the prin and also got myself a crop top (naturally) while I was there and so much other stuff! I have filmed a haul which I will be putting up some time soon with photos as well to show you all what I picked up. Also, how cool is this jacket?! It's like a leather jacket style but it's made of chiffon so it's super light for the summer, I love it and will be taking it away with me on holiday for sure. It just goes with everything and it so easy to scrunch up and throw in your bag, they also stock it in pink and lime.

If your a fan of camo, be sure to check out Motel Rocks and rememer you can use my code - GEORGINAGOODMAN1 - on the site for 20% off!

Molly seems to be making an apprenece in every post lately, seriously, she wont let anyone outside without her, she loves the sun and being outdoors and obviously loves the camera too hahah 

Skirt - Motel Rocks 
Crop - ASOS
Flip Flops - Primark 
Sunglasses - D&G
Jacket* - Quirky ME
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  1. Love your skirt! You look great!
    - Charlotte

  2. I love the Molly photobombs :)
    Thst skirt is amaxing I agree with you it's a bit different from all the other camp print

  3. Such a summery look! Molly is a total babe.


  4. Cute outfit! Looks great on you :)

  5. What a great combo! You look so cool yet chic in this outfit Ms. Georgina! :)


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