Saturday 30 March 2013

I may not be christian but I still like to celebrate easter, well, I like to eat the easter eggs. I have a bit of an obcession as some of you may know, I have just started my 13th egg this year and have a further 9 sitting in my bedroom waiting patiently to be eaten. This morning was rather memorable in that I had my first ever hot cross bun. After speaking to my friend Jodie over twitter, I think my my mum was twitter stalking me because near enough the next day she came home with 8 hot cross buns for the first time ever.

I thought I'd get into the spirit of things with an easter outfit for a Motel Rocks easter competition. Aim of the game was to print out a set of their bunny ears and pose in a spring outfit! Well with the weather were having this isn't really traditional spring outfit. Im trying to keep warm whilst still looking a bit more summery. Im totally loving the whole black and white thing I've had going on these past few days!

Velvet Disco Pants - Motel Rocks
Crop Top - ASOS
Heels - ASDA

Happy Easter!

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Pringle of Scotland

Friday 29 March 2013

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Last thursday was a busy day as you'll know if you've been reading my blog.  This is the third thing I got up to. It was a photoshoot. Kinda my first real photoshoot, doing this sort of thing is my dream and I had such a good day! 

Helen was the stylist and photographer for the day, She picked out some very elegant clothes from Pringle of Scotland and paired them with some very modern looking shoes by Julian Hake. Rachel did my hair and make up which looked totally amazing. Andrew ended up being the assistant for us. haha poor Andrew I only took him there for company and he ended up carrying my shoes and coat around while I was posing. He was a little bit moany (as expected) but he did it for me! He's the best! Helen was great! She made us feel really comfortable and made us all lunch at hers. She has the cutest little doggy which we spent alot of time playing with!

Theres not really much to say other than thankyou to those three people for giving me an amazing experience and a chance to live my dream for a day. I love them!

Fake Up

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Last thursday I was lucky enough to attend (event Number 3 for me) The Benefit #Fakeup Tour in London.

As I walked in I was greeted by Joanne, with a glass of champagne, She was great, greeting everyone and making it a fun relaxed environment and so funny! Jumping on tables to take photos of us.

Fake up is Benefit's new hydrating concealer, but with a difference, instead of just a stick of colour, the concealer is surrounded by a ring of hydrating mouisturiser containing vitamin E and apple seed extracts to make your skin look fresh and feel hydrated for up to six hours. Another special difference this has to normal concearler is that it won't crease or look cakey!

Lisa - Head Make Up and Trend Artist and Brow Expert at Benefit demonstrated how to apply on Rachael who also works for Benefit its applyed in a V shape under the eyes and blended in by hand, the lovely girls at the shop did it for me and I could see a total change, it covers all blemishes and darkness under the eyes, making you look fresh and bright!

 We were also shown how to contour with Fake up, By adding a line of the darker colours under your cheeks you can create some lovley defined cheekbones for yourself, kim kardashian styleyy. Rachael looked lovely by the end of the presentation. After all the talking, we were asked some questions to see if we were listening, lucky for myself, I had! and awnsered two of them resulting in two prizes!! I got myself a "They're Real" Mascara, which I have to say is the best mascara I have ever used, even Andrew noticed a difference and he didn't even know I was using differnt product. I also got myself a sexy nudes eyeshadow kit, which I am yet to use, more about that in the future! All of these products have beautiful packaging as per usual, super fun and pretty.

Although I was colourmatched to light at the end of the event we were given all three shades of Fake Up as well as our own shade of hello flawless powder (im pale, mine was ivory)

Fake Up launches in stores on the 30th March 2013 in the UK :)

Lands' End

Sunday 24 March 2013

Last Thursday I went to three blogger events, Three?! You don't get any and then you get three on the same day, it was crazy busy but I had the best day ever!

I was first to arrive as per usual (I just can't help it). It was a lovley venue tucked away on a little cobbled back street, up the stairs and into our own little conference room. I turned up 10 minutes early which gave me a good chance to have a proper look though the clothes before everyone got there. I also got a chance to chat with Paige, Jackie and Margret who work with Lands End and their PR. They were all seriously lovely and as I learnt more about the brand I could see that they were perfect people for the job. 

Being early also meant that I missed out on meeting Danny Dyer who was filming downstairs, no biggie.

First thing you see is the wonderful layout of the room. I could see that they had put alot of effort into making this a lovely breakfast! A huge conference table covered with pretty bowls of fruit and crossiants, ipads set up for viewing, pretty spring flowers and table settings - knives, forks, spoons and a cupcake each! There was also three huge hot trays filled with all sorts of fried breakfast treats. It was quite overwhelming really, how did I get myself to invited to an event like this! I was very pleased with myself.

Lands End is an all round family brand, but as a fashion blogger, I took most interest in the womens collection also because it was the most eye catching, a beautiful array of spring colours adorned the rail against the back wall, the ones that just make you feel happpy you know? Not only were the colours lovely but there were some super cute floral prints, one little blue cardigan in particular caught my eye again and again!

Before I had a chance to have a proper look I could already tell that it was a very wholesome brand, it had such a sweet american family feel to it. I spoke to Margret again, who told me that in fact it was an american based brand, they started up in chicago in 1963. See - I know my stuff!

 After a short presenttation we all sat down to enjoy our breakfast and I had to rush off to event number 2 (I will be posting about that very soon). I said goodbye to the ladies and was given a lovely little goodie bag. Anyone who gives me an easter egg is instantly put in my good books as well as a cute striped jumper! 

I'd like to thank everyone involved for a  wonderful morning.


Friday 22 March 2013

How pretty are these lovely little So...? Fragrances and they smell great too! All very different, they are all part of the Rock 'n Roll collection. The bottles are all the same shape in different colours, I feel like they are cute little orniments, I just want to collect them all!

Soo...? In love*
At the moment this is my favourite one. Im crazy about it and have been wearing it almost everyday. What I like about it is its sickly sweet, like seriously too sweet but I love it, I smell like candyfloss all day. These are aimed at teens so I think this is perfect! It's so young and fun.

So...? For Me*
A bit more grown up but still very young, quite a fresh smell and maybe a little fruity. It's like somthing you'd want to wear to the park on a sunny day. The more I smell it the more I think so sunshine and being happy - Definately one for the summer.

So...? Fab*
A little but musky but has a very sweet undertone creeping though, kinda a chocolaty feel although it's quite a subtle smell. Strange I said that as when I checked out the site it said there was a praline undertone!

Are you a fan of So...? They have such a big range I dont see how you can't be!! 
Ive also got some of their new scented dry shampoos which im very excited to try out soon.
Keep your eyes peeled for a review!!

Always Aspire

Tuesday 19 March 2013

I think it's time for some more crazy lashes, who agrees? It's been too long!

I love crazy lashes and as per usual this pretty pair are from Stargazer Cosmetics, they just seem to have the best variety and the most standout styles I have seen, I mean look at this pair, they have sparkely gems on them!! and another thing that I really love about these lashes was the glue that they came with, it was really good as eyelash glue goes and it was a reusable bottle with a lid so I used it a few times.

Im wearing this super snuggely jumper from A&A Clothing, It's actually my boyfriend's new brand that he's set up with a friend, they used really higfh quality jumpers so they feel amazing! Anyway I dont wanna give too much away about that as I've got a whole seperate post on that lined up for the future.

The New Age Apparel

Saturday 16 March 2013

Today is one of those t-shirt and skinny jeans kinda days. Ive got errands to run (hahha) and things to do so being comfortable is paramount over looking good, also it's cold and raining, I have to be warm too.  This is just easy you know.  

This tee was been hand made by the guys at The New Age Apparel who I only realised this morning actually went to college with me, how strange?! Anyway they are a small tie dying company, who like me are based in London, duh. The brand came about when they got tired of people asking where they got their dye dyed things from but theyd made them, I guess when you've already got an interst in somthing you do, why not try and sell some! At the moment they have 3 desing all very unisex which is good!

You guys can get 15% off with discount code GEORGINA15

Jeans - Primark


Thursday 14 March 2013

Today I made it back to Lakeside, it's been over a month and I'm not quite sure how I let it go this long without realising. I'm sorry guys I wont leave it that long ever again!

 Lakeside is my favourite day out, although today it was just a most of the morning out. Me and Andrew got up early and went straight down there, it's empty in the mornings - just how I like it. We had a look around and then headed straight to Pret a Manger and had a healthy lunch. Then as we were going up the escalators, I spotted them! There were people giving away free stuff and what were they giving out this time? Bars of Galaxy!!! 

 After all that excitement, we were nearly ready to go home, not before Andrew bought me a little present becuase he's the best boyfriend ever. A new pastel Barry M nail varnish and a bar of chocolate that I have been looking for for weeks! I'm really starting to look like a real chocolate addict now. Anyway I finally found it in the huge sweet shop, a Hersheys cookies and cream bar, and it was totally amazing.

I wore -
Disco Pants - River Island
Top - New Look
Creepers* - Fashion Union

Justin Bieber

Tuesday 12 March 2013

I'm not quite sure who has been printed on my top today I'm guessing its Justin Bieber, its looks kinda like him but I'm just not sure haha. An interesting time to wear it after all the trouble he's been casuing this week in the UK. I'm not quite sure what's going on really all I heard is he said he was never coming back and he kicked a photographer or somthing, I dont know. 

 Back to the point of the vest which was sent to me from Humbara, They got it from The Chimpanzee Clothing Co. (whose factory is right next door) they print super cool black and white photos mostly of celebs on vests just like this one but they also do jumpers and colours.

 They're only £4.50 each and so easy to wear. I folded mine up today turning it into a crop woo. Crop top queen strikes again!!

Molly has been featuring in alot of my posts recently. I think it's becuase when Andrew comes to take my photos my parents are always out which means I have to look after her, She's getting more and more photogenic with each shoot! haha Anyway today I had a text processing test at college, it was such a long day, I've only just got home and have a banging headache, I think it might be easter egg withdrawals, I havent had one in two days now! I'm going crazy, don't think I'm going to last the night.
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