Today I made it back to Lakeside, it's been over a month and I'm not quite sure how I let it go this long without realising. I'm sorry guys I wont leave it that long ever again!

 Lakeside is my favourite day out, although today it was just a most of the morning out. Me and Andrew got up early and went straight down there, it's empty in the mornings - just how I like it. We had a look around and then headed straight to Pret a Manger and had a healthy lunch. Then as we were going up the escalators, I spotted them! There were people giving away free stuff and what were they giving out this time? Bars of Galaxy!!! 

 After all that excitement, we were nearly ready to go home, not before Andrew bought me a little present becuase he's the best boyfriend ever. A new pastel Barry M nail varnish and a bar of chocolate that I have been looking for for weeks! I'm really starting to look like a real chocolate addict now. Anyway I finally found it in the huge sweet shop, a Hersheys cookies and cream bar, and it was totally amazing.

I wore -
Disco Pants - River Island
Top - New Look
Creepers* - Fashion Union


  1. Love the cropped shirt with the fur. So cute!

    Thanks for the comment. Let me know if you’d like to follow each other! =)
    Lattes & Lacee

  2. I love those disco pants :) You look lovely, as always :D I also love your coat, hehe. x

  3. Hershey's chocolate is amazing! I haven't been to Lakeside in ages I need to pop down. Love your trousers x

  4. Great outfit, it really suits you. I can see you had a great time, free chocolate! :D, xoxo.

  5. I've never been to Lakeside before but I'd like to go! Welcome to the creepers club. ;) Love Hersheys!


  6. wow i love the outfit ! so loving the disco pants, thanks for the comment,


  7. Love the disco pants! I really want some ;)

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