Lands' End

Last Thursday I went to three blogger events, Three?! You don't get any and then you get three on the same day, it was crazy busy but I had the best day ever!

I was first to arrive as per usual (I just can't help it). It was a lovley venue tucked away on a little cobbled back street, up the stairs and into our own little conference room. I turned up 10 minutes early which gave me a good chance to have a proper look though the clothes before everyone got there. I also got a chance to chat with Paige, Jackie and Margret who work with Lands End and their PR. They were all seriously lovely and as I learnt more about the brand I could see that they were perfect people for the job. 

Being early also meant that I missed out on meeting Danny Dyer who was filming downstairs, no biggie.

First thing you see is the wonderful layout of the room. I could see that they had put alot of effort into making this a lovely breakfast! A huge conference table covered with pretty bowls of fruit and crossiants, ipads set up for viewing, pretty spring flowers and table settings - knives, forks, spoons and a cupcake each! There was also three huge hot trays filled with all sorts of fried breakfast treats. It was quite overwhelming really, how did I get myself to invited to an event like this! I was very pleased with myself.

Lands End is an all round family brand, but as a fashion blogger, I took most interest in the womens collection also because it was the most eye catching, a beautiful array of spring colours adorned the rail against the back wall, the ones that just make you feel happpy you know? Not only were the colours lovely but there were some super cute floral prints, one little blue cardigan in particular caught my eye again and again!

Before I had a chance to have a proper look I could already tell that it was a very wholesome brand, it had such a sweet american family feel to it. I spoke to Margret again, who told me that in fact it was an american based brand, they started up in chicago in 1963. See - I know my stuff!

 After a short presenttation we all sat down to enjoy our breakfast and I had to rush off to event number 2 (I will be posting about that very soon). I said goodbye to the ladies and was given a lovely little goodie bag. Anyone who gives me an easter egg is instantly put in my good books as well as a cute striped jumper! 

I'd like to thank everyone involved for a  wonderful morning.


  1. 3 events wow you lucky lady! Sounds so good, that breakfast looks yummy xx

  2. 3 events? WOW!! Beautiful! Congratulations!
    wanna follow each other, dear??

  3. This looks fab! I'd love to be invited to an event......


  4. looks like a great event...great photos..lucky you

  5. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    Eeeeppppp!!! That event looks so cool I'm craving a fried tomato now :) clear my they stalk you from the look at the goodie bag :)

  6. Ooh it sounds wonderful! Wow you lucky thing! Thank you for my comment lovely! x

  7. The food and cakes looks amazing D: love the clothes too but to be honest I do not think I could pull them off but very pretty patterns and fabrics especially the knits :) lovely post xx

  8. wow looks amazing, love all the food! hope you had a good time!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  9. Those cupcakes look adorable, so yummy!
    Sounds like you had a lovely day, 3 blogger events in 1 day! I am jelous!

    Also a new follower here



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