Criminal Damage

Just wanted to show everyone this outfit today! I wore it on friday while I was at my internship with Electric tees. If you follow my instagram you will see that this year, the jumper I wear more than anything is my pink and purple one from Fox Vintage. Well this jumper here is the past equivelant from two years ago. It was my favouite jumper and I only stopped wearing it becuase it dissapeared, my mum just stopped washing it for some reason but last week I found it in a bag under the bed and regained my love for it straight away, isnt it cute?! 

Andrew bought it for me when I was in the midst of my emo/scene stage, criminal damage was my go to shop, I'd have bright green jeans with lightning bolds and red ones with zebra print to go with my green, pink or purple hair. Although I don't dress like that as much now there are stilll a few aspects of my life like it, my bedroom for example is still covered in rock posters but there are now just some photos and girly bits blue tacked on top of that hahah

Jumper - Criminal Damage
Jeans - Primark
Shoes* - Cloggs
Gorgeous Ring* - Cherry Baby
'G' Printed Nail - Flash On Nails (More about them in the future!)
Criminal Damage are still selling loadsa cute stuff ^.^


  1. that jumper is so edgy, great outfit! x

  2. Your jumper is so cool! x

  3. I love your nails! Your jumper is cool, too x

  4. Cute and edgy at the same time :), xoxo.

  5. Thats such a cute sweater, you always find the best quirky pieces and wear them with flair.

  6. i love your glittery nails xxx


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