Justin Bieber

I'm not quite sure who has been printed on my top today I'm guessing its Justin Bieber, its looks kinda like him but I'm just not sure haha. An interesting time to wear it after all the trouble he's been casuing this week in the UK. I'm not quite sure what's going on really all I heard is he said he was never coming back and he kicked a photographer or somthing, I dont know. 

 Back to the point of the vest which was sent to me from Humbara, They got it from The Chimpanzee Clothing Co. (whose factory is right next door) they print super cool black and white photos mostly of celebs on vests just like this one but they also do jumpers and colours.

 They're only £4.50 each and so easy to wear. I folded mine up today turning it into a crop woo. Crop top queen strikes again!!

Molly has been featuring in alot of my posts recently. I think it's becuase when Andrew comes to take my photos my parents are always out which means I have to look after her, She's getting more and more photogenic with each shoot! haha Anyway today I had a text processing test at college, it was such a long day, I've only just got home and have a banging headache, I think it might be easter egg withdrawals, I havent had one in two days now! I'm going crazy, don't think I'm going to last the night.

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  1. Looking good as always
    I saw the same top at humbara site as below :


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