Pringle of Scotland

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Last thursday was a busy day as you'll know if you've been reading my blog.  This is the third thing I got up to. It was a photoshoot. Kinda my first real photoshoot, doing this sort of thing is my dream and I had such a good day! 

Helen was the stylist and photographer for the day, She picked out some very elegant clothes from Pringle of Scotland and paired them with some very modern looking shoes by Julian Hake. Rachel did my hair and make up which looked totally amazing. Andrew ended up being the assistant for us. haha poor Andrew I only took him there for company and he ended up carrying my shoes and coat around while I was posing. He was a little bit moany (as expected) but he did it for me! He's the best! Helen was great! She made us feel really comfortable and made us all lunch at hers. She has the cutest little doggy which we spent alot of time playing with!

Theres not really much to say other than thankyou to those three people for giving me an amazing experience and a chance to live my dream for a day. I love them!


  1. wow you look stunning! the make up is perrrfect x

  2. Pretty outfits, those sandals are amazing! x

  3. absolutely love the second outfit!
    Kathryn & Rita

  4. Eep these look amazing why see dud I not see this post before?

  5. Wow these are great, you look gorgeous. You've got lovely cheekbones, and that hairstyle looks amazing on you. Absolutely love the last dress!


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