How pretty are these lovely little So...? Fragrances and they smell great too! All very different, they are all part of the Rock 'n Roll collection. The bottles are all the same shape in different colours, I feel like they are cute little orniments, I just want to collect them all!

Soo...? In love*
At the moment this is my favourite one. Im crazy about it and have been wearing it almost everyday. What I like about it is its sickly sweet, like seriously too sweet but I love it, I smell like candyfloss all day. These are aimed at teens so I think this is perfect! It's so young and fun.

So...? For Me*
A bit more grown up but still very young, quite a fresh smell and maybe a little fruity. It's like somthing you'd want to wear to the park on a sunny day. The more I smell it the more I think so sunshine and being happy - Definately one for the summer.

So...? Fab*
A little but musky but has a very sweet undertone creeping though, kinda a chocolaty feel although it's quite a subtle smell. Strange I said that as when I checked out the site it said there was a praline undertone!

Are you a fan of So...? They have such a big range I dont see how you can't be!! 
Ive also got some of their new scented dry shampoos which im very excited to try out soon.
Keep your eyes peeled for a review!!


  1. I've never heard of this brand before, but I'd like to try it for sure. The bottles look really interesting.

    - Zeinab,

  2. I haven't heard of this brand! Wonder if it's available here in Canada.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  3. Cool!! I´ve never heard of this brand before but i love the design and the fact of being so small :)


  4. amazing brand!!
    i really love you orange eyelashes from the last post dear!!

    stay here :)

    lets follow and stay in touch, im gooin!


  5. These are lovely :)



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