BooHoo #Partypose

Friday 30 November 2012

I love these competitions, so when Boohoo got in touch to let me know about their latest one, I jumped at the chance.

You must style your perfect party outfit using 3 or more of their items costing less than £100, Easily do-able because they have such a great range of clothes at such low prices!

I thought I'd try somthing different for me - a playsuit, this one is just lovley, I really like the shape - the low back and the peplum make it so feminine. Sticking with such an on trend colour and the whole girly theme I chose the flower crown from crown and glory and frilly socks from topshop, finished off with some black boots and a clutch.

Perfect Party Outfit!

Does My Butt Look Big In This? I Hope So!

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Being from Essex and all I thought this would be a great product for me to trial.
Essex is known for big boobs, big heels, big hair and as of recent  - Chloe Sims in TOWIE - big butts.

 I first saw these kind of butt implant pants on the show when she tried them on before deciding to get the real thing done. These are a great alternative to having surgery and certainly work as you can see in my photo below.  You can just slip them on under your clothes and your set, With the surgery, I saw that it is painful for one, also you can't sit down on your butt for a few weeks or lay on your back, this is just so much easier and cost alot less.

To be fair they did look abit funny and you wouldn't want any guys seeing them, my boyfriend had a laughing fit when I was trying them on, but as soon as my jeans were over the top you would never know! It's a very natural look and feel -  and a great fit. 

You can get them in black or nude which is all you need and the actual pants are made of a great quality strech material. The pads just slip in on the inside of the pant making for a smooth butt cheek, it's just like putting padding in a bra.

It's easy to make your butt as big or as small as you like but just ordering a couple more silicone pads. They sell mainly though amazon if you fancy trying them out for youself and if you need some more reassurance check out theire review, know one has a bad word to say about them! and I can see why!


I'm In Love With Fashion

Tuesday 27 November 2012

This post is like a post event post, The event being the In Love With Fashion Show that I went to last week!

At the end of the post I showed you the lovley dress hanging on the wardrobe that In Love With Fashion gave me in a goodie bag. Its a very different style for me, very girly and floaty. The long, pastle, pleated skirt and cream lace bodice combines for beautiful dress. It was very comfortable, although im not great in strapless, but it did seem to hold itself up!

My Necklace also has reference to the fashion show in that the blogger judges who were there revieved one of these necklaces each, spelling out their blog name. They were so beautiful and I wanted one for myself so when I got home that night I found the company who made these lovley necklaces and they agreed to make me one, how amazing?! I fell in love with it as soon as it arrived, its glitters in the sun and has my name one it and have already worn it for many upcoming outfit posts so keep your eyes peeled. They had just brought out all christmassy colours so make sure you check those out here

What Do You Think Of My More Feminine Styling?

Necklace - ChelseaDoll*
Shoes - YesWalker* 


Three Little Birds, Sat On My... Eyelid

Monday 26 November 2012

Looking for somthing to spice up your look and make you stand out this party season? 
I've come across the perfect thing!!

Paperself have a range of falsies made from paper, the designs are wonderful and have a very fantasy feel to them. I've got the little birdies here; They have fishies, zebras, butterflys, horses, even the london skyline; anything you could imagine! What a wonderful idea, they look so high fashion with the intricate designs but cost next to nothing. You can get youself the same pair that im wearing for just £12.

Putting them on was a tad bit trickier than the normal fake lash but not too much that I was worried. What I was a bit worried about was ripping them when trying to get the out of the packet but not to worry yet again, they were alot stronger than they looked! 

When you take them from the packet they are actually stright so you have to curl them around your eyelid as your applying them but to be honest it didnt take much longer that normal but it did deffianly make more of an impact. If you fancy going really OTT you could get yourself a pair of mini ones that are great for the bottom lashes and wear them both

How you tried Paperself Lashes before?

Bird Lashes - Paperself*

House Of Fraser Make Up - Dramatic, Gothic, Intense

Sunday 25 November 2012

I'm not a huge makeup wearer and have actually never applied a full face of make up before, I'd only wear eye make up, but I'm loving this seasons gothic romantic trend and thought I'd put together some make up. I didnt include any face make up as I wanted a pale looking face with dark eyes and dark lips. I think dark lips look amazing and really stand out from the crowd, the deep redy purple rebel from mac is perfect for this! The eyes I wanted to be dramatic so I picked these amazing false lashes from Biba, maybe just the big top lashes or even the big ones on top and the smaller ones underneather for a really out there look. paired with a thick dark line of givenchy eye liner and black glitter on the lids - great for christmas! and thats it, just a touch of matching nail varnish and your set for a gothic roamntic stand out from the crown christmas party look!

Would You Dare To Wear?

Christmas Wishlist

Saturday 24 November 2012

I want to many clothes is year, everything is just so pretty so check out my favs below!

Creepers - Arn't these just amazing! Like most people I have the normal creepers but I want these triple platform ones, they make so much more of a statement and at just £26 from ebay how can you resist!! I might end up buying them for myeslf!

Bralet - Motel have brought out this amazing colour sequin material, honestly I would take every item they make with it.

Disco Pants - Been super lusting after these for ages. The colour is so different to the run of the mill disco pants. Looks like I got a bit of a green and blue thing going on.

Lace Socks - I only wore lace socks for the first time last week, and it was kinda an accident because I didn't have other socks and they just appeared. They had pink frills which is all well and good but white would be lovley with black shoes, the giant creepers maybe ;) ;) 

Flower Crown - This crown makes me want to wear it with a floaty white dress and run though a field. I want to be a field pixie, This crown is a beautiful colour and would stand out great against my hair. I have been a fan of this piece for nearly a year now its just so lovley.

Red Crop - Just because it's winter dosent mean I have to stop wearing crop tops, just make the sleeves longer and your good to go. I have a black one which I wear alot, and red just seems like the next step. A lovley addition to my collection.

Came Jeans - My mum ironed all my black jeans at once last week and it seems I have 5 pairs of the same plain black skinny jeans, I think its time to mix it up a little, dont you?

Dress - This was only released this week. I love the pattern on it, just a fun dress. Looks like my kinda think.

If Your loving my Motel Rocks picks then head on over and get 20% off with discount code GEORGINAGOODMAN1

Dahlia Blogger Event

Friday 23 November 2012

Yesterday I traveled into london to attend the Dahlia Christmas Blogger Event. I say travelled like it took hours, it was only one train on the underground for me. I love living so close to london.

I wanted somthing that was easy but still  looked good but then not too over the top becuase it was only an afternoon event. I wore my 

White Midi - ASOS
Creepers - Fashion Union

I finally found the shop after wandering the wrong way down carnaby street for a goot ten minutes. Canaby Street is a great location, right in the heart of London's (and maybe the world's) best shopping arena, just behind oxford street. I was one of the first there. This was intended so that I was able to see the shop and all the lovley clothes properly before it got to crowded and gave me a chance to talk to all the important people of the day!

As I walked in I was greeted with a glass of bubbly which is always very nice. I then spent a little while speaking to the owner, Tracey, before everyone else got there which was a great opportunity for me! She told me how she started up the brand ten years ago with her sister, Leigh, selling their designs at Portobello market. Sounds like it was a lot of hard work but in my eyes, it had deffinatly payed off for them! Tracy Looked amazing dressed all in Dahlia, she wore the Denim Open Shoulder Embellished Collar Blouse with a beautiful sparkely pleated skirt (which I cant find on the site hmm)

I also had a chance to speak to the PR girls, giving them my new homemade buisness cards (which I am very proud of) then had a couple of polariods taken by the DAHLIA signs, they took photos of everyone who came and then clipped them up on a piece of string all hung up together. A lovley touch.

As more and more bloggers arrived, champagne flowed and we all looked around the lovley little boutique shop. The clothes sparkeld as we looked though them. They consisted mainly of sequins, glitter, floaty material and lots of peterpan collars all very feminine and pretty but then we had some leather, some feathers, some studds for a few edgier pieces.


 We were treated to our own customeised collar clips!! We had a choice or three chains and whatever charms, I chose spikes with stars! They also held a raffel and I won 10 store credit which I'm very excited to put towards somthing in the store. I'll be spending the next hour on the website!

It was lovley meeting bloggers that I already follow and some who I hadn't met before. I spent most of my time at the event with Maya and Carmen who i met there, they were great, very quirky characters with amazing dress sence! We went out for a bite to eat at pret afterwards, checked out our super goodie bags and chatted about the event. I think we could become good friend in the future!

The one thing I would change about the day, is taking a real camera and not just my phone. Im sorry for the horrible quality photos and promise to get a camera sorted for any future event posts!

All in all I had a great time looking at all the beautiful clothes and met some really cool people. Thanks Dahlia!


Thursday 22 November 2012

This outfit is somthing quite diffrent for me, I dont really wear or own much red, but I love it.

I think a touch or red, whether it be bright lipstick, a clutch, bracelet or shoes adds a lovley touch of colour into a simple outfit and can sometimes make it look really classy! This is more a fun touch of red because I'm not sure you can make huge red eye lashes look classy! But they are deffiantly fun and very show stoppery.

This was the first time we tired to take photos while it was actually dark outside. I'm not sure I like the style of photo to much but I do love my red accessories!

These eyelashes are another pair from StarGazer, they have the greatest novelty lashes ever, there are so many colours, shapes and styles. Crazy fake eyelashes are so easy to do and bring alot of attention but you hardly see anyone wear them! I think they fit great with this outfit!

The shoes you will have seen everywhere I'm sure; but since I first saw them, red have been to only colour for me. If your going to have such an outragous shape then you need and ourtagous colour to match!
 Socks and heels are becoming more and more common in my outfits now its getting cold 

Does anyone know where i can get some supercute cheap frilly socks?

Lashes - StarGazer*
Top - Primark
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - AMIclubwear*

Whatever You Do, Do It Good

Wednesday 21 November 2012

If you've been reading my blog recently you will see here, me going on about how my amazing new wig is soo easy to put on.. Well I did it wrong.

Once I was told, I checked out the tutorial and put it on properly. You see, its not the tradidional wig which i naievely thought it way, its just a 3/4 wig so you keep your fringe and some side bits hanging down and put it on the back.

 It now looks AMAZING.  
(Even though I actually dyed my hair a different shade of brown bewteen these two posts)

I think you'll agree that this wig looks so natural. It take literally no time to put on and your hair's ready for a night out stright away! Its like a perfect blow dry in less than a minute. This party seasons essential item I say!

Gemma Wig* - Annabelles Wigs

Before                                                                 After

Silver Lace

Tuesday 20 November 2012

How do you like my new dress from Humbara, The home of cheap dresses, Everything on the whole site it £5!!

 Agreed, you need to be brave to wear it but i'm used to having my stomach on show,  It's my thing. I sound a bit like a prostitute now but im not, i just like my crop tops! Ask anyone who knows me, my friends are shoscked if my stomach is covered.

We all know lace and goth is big this season so keeping on trend but christmassing it up a bit, I veered off of the black lace and went for silver. I think this is perfect for chrismas, maybe not a party as such but deffianly clubbing maybe with some bigger heels.

I paired it with leggings, a band top thing and my lovley chelsea boots. If you fancied covering up abit more (which is probably a good idea in this climate) I'd suggest a vest top or boob tube underneath. You could even go with a white one, thats what i'd do, I think would look lovley. Everyone knows - Silver and white, Black and Gold. Thats just the way of the world.

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Dress - Humbara*
Boots - Missguided
Leggings - Primark
Band Top - New Look

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