Fashion Vouchers Xmas Outfit!

Fashion Vouchers always do fun blogger competitions so when I was contacted and told about this one I couldnt wait to start!

You had to find a christmas party outfit for less that £100, sounds kinda hard right? Well, the great part of this was that you could choose to get it from any one of their brands AND you were allowed to use any vouchers that were running at the time. 

This was super helpful because my final price was over by just under £7. I then found a 10% off for first orders at Fashion Union voucher making my price £95.97 - Perfect!

I went with a recent, fantastic new find of mine - online store Fashion Union.
I love all of their stuff and check out their site for updates almost every day so this wasn't to hard for me. 

Ive been lusting after their disco pants for quite some time now, I love the green, they are very different to the normal colours about. If uoi read my blog, you will see that I've always been a big bralet / Crop top fan. The Boots, Blazer, Nail and Eye Rocks all add some glam rock to it, I love the studds and I think the eye rocks, in particular are somthing really fun and different to do!

 Hope you love my outfit! 

Blazer  //   Disco Pants   //  Bralet   //  Heels   //  Nail Rock   //  Eye Rock

TOTAL (with discount) : £95.97


  1. Hi thank you so much for the comment on my blog!!!! Very nice blog!! i love these stuff!!!
    Do you wanna follow each other??? I'm following you on gfc

    Another earth pink

  2. Love all this i wish i could pull it off! adore those pants.


  3. Great party look. I love those pants - green is an unexpected colour.


  4. That sequin bra is kinda hot...


  5. LOVE this outfit! Gorgeous colour disco pants! x

  6. Ooo I adore those shoes! The blazer is pretty awesome too - great outfit overall really. Good luck for the competition! xx

    If fancy a nose, here's the link to my entry

  7. great entry!! :D

  8. Great entry! Good luck!
    Hope you can check out my blog, as I'm now your latest follower!
    Lots of Love,
    Grace X

  9. I entered this comp. too, interesting to see what other people came up with! Love your look - especially the sequin bralet.

    Good luck!


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